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Ontario RN working in Montreal, QC

  1. 0 Hello~ nurses~

    I am an Ontario RN who just moved to Montreal followed by my family. (Not permanently)

    When I searched for the jobs here in Quebec, all the job postings required O.I.I.Q. Permission to work.

    So I asked of them to send me a guideline package.

    But in the meantime, can anyone advise me what I can do here to work?

    Or any education suggestion?

    If the french exam is seriously required to pass before working, I am thinking of continuing my study...

    Or anyone knows good edu session for wound management in Montreal?

    I feel like no many oppotunities in continuing edu(nursing) here...compared to Toronto.
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    O.I.I.Q. is the exam for licensure in Quebec and yes you have to pass a French exam ( i have heard it is very hard) to work.
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    You can work under temporary RN license renewable every year for 4 years as long as you will take OQLF exam (french exam).
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    I am from Quebec, and yes, you need to take the exam for the OIIQ. It consists of a written [short answer] and practical. The plus side is that you can take them in English. Bad side is that you will have to take a French proficiency exam as you are very likely to encounter French speakers. Not to mention the French police known as the OLF does not look kindly on people who move to Qc but can't speak the language. However you might call them or similar group. I have heard they provide free French classes to 'immigrants'.
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    Oh, and luckily there are several hospitals in the city with English administration. You might look into the Jewish hospital.
    Wound care? CLSCs most likely.
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    People moving to Quebec from Ontario aren't considered immigrants by the OLF unless they were born outside Canada and were simply "passing through" Ontario on their way to God's Country. No free French classes for Canadians. I know, I tried to do it.
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