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I would like some feedback. I am in clinical and I did a procedure that I thought i was allowed but it ended up that I wasn't. I am a first year student studying to be an lpn in Canada and I was wondering would it effect my... Read More

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    Quote from Karla_isela
    Forgive me, but I'm not American. And what does it matter? This is a forum for nurses. My first sentences were part in part questioning. The laws and policies that apply where I am at may not be the same in Canada but I was simply wondering if what I had stated might be the reason for why the nurse/instructor was so upset? I just don't understand why they would be this severely upset with the OP enough to make her redo clinicals? If as an LPN she's allowed to touch IV's and whatnot then what was the problem with her doing what she did? Did I maybe miss a comment somewhere where the situation was further explained?Thanks.
    The reason she was in trouble is that she is a student in a clinical setting and she did something that put the patient at risk.She also did it without supervision.
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    In Ontario Registered Practical Nurses can insert IV's if certified by the facility and if their policies permit it. They may not be taught to do this in school but are taught how to monitor and disconnect the IV. Each school and facilities have policies stating what students can and cannot due but in this case a skill was not taught yet so the client's safety was placed at risk. Every school deals with these incidents differently and it will also depend if an incident report was filed at the facility because if that occured than the instructor has to follow up with the school. Student nurses are expected to be accountable and not take any risks without having sufficient knowledge, skills and competency so if your fortunate remedial plans and reflective journals may be assigned to you to do instead of failing clinical. I have seen nursing students fail because of medication errors or errors with injections so it literally comes down to the discretion of your school because the school has to be accountable and protect its reputation or else facilities will not take their students.
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