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Okay so I've seen this post around a few times, but everyone seems to have different circumstances. I know that my indecision is currently being felt by many, and I just wanted to get an opinion from... Read More

  1. by   loriangel14
    lol. I thought about it in high school too. I didn't do it until I was 38.I think all the stuff I did in between made me a better nurse.
    For one thing I would never have had the nerve to stand up to a rude patient when I was 20.

    Totally off topic.i have two girls. I turned to nursing after my marriage broke up and I needed a better job to support me and my two girls.My grandmother had two girls and turned to nursing to support herself after her marriage ended.
  2. by   aywl
    Quote from Fiona59
    Boxerluvr: (do you have a Boxer dog in your life, always wondered, or is the other half a boxer?, sorry, just nosy)

    I thought about nursing when I was in high school. I didn't do nursing school until I was 40. I just didn't have the maturity to do it in my late teens. I think it took being a mother, working in other roles, and just growing up that made me able to hack it out.
    Initially I think I am the oldest one in here, I found out more people older than me, I finished nursing school when I was 36, raised my child, now I have been Lpn for 7 years now, wondering I should take bn or not? I am glad to see there are lots of people close to my age, we can understand better each other
  3. by   joanna73
    I was set to enter nursing in 1992, back when it was the Diploma program. However, nursing was in the toilet then. Nurses and teachers were being laid off and shifted around across Canada.

    History repeats itself, lol. So I decided on hotel mgmt and got a diploma for that. After SARS and Sept 11, the tourism industry collapsed and has never fully recovered.

    I wanted a career change anyway, so after 5 years at age 37, I received my BSN. At the time I entered school, many opportunities for nurses. By the time I finished, zero.

    Nursing is cyclical, and there is no job security in anything. I am also glad I came to nursing late. I understand myself, other people and the politics within the system with greater insight. Things you cannot learn in school.
  4. by   weemsp
    I have to agree with the general trend here.'re young, yes...but I can see by the posts you make that you are very self reflective and aware. Good for you!! I wish I had been that smart at your age!!!

    You've had some fabulous, front line nurse give you food for thought I won't repeat what's already been written..with one exception...

    STRIKE " JOB SECURITY" OFF YOUR LIST OF PROs!!!! It's a tragic mess out there and position availability is next to nil at the moment. I would hate to see you invest a debt load of Uni costs for something you really feel is not your forte' !
    Keep us posted on your path of discovery though!! and KUDOS to you for thinking this through so well!!
  5. by   Hotaru1
    I know it's been a year since this thread was made but because I'm go through the same thing I would like to know what happened if you decided to decide to stay in nursing or not. I have been deciding to quit nursing since first year too, not because I hate the job but because I felt like I couldn't survive I always, like you said felt drained out and didn't know if I could go on. Well 3 years have passed since I started and I'm now on third year but still don't like it. I still feel very stressed for clinical..and I can't exactly quit because I am already in so much debt from tuition and I don't exactly know where to go either. I'd like to discuss to other peers like you what options they took? I feel like I'm compensating my mental health as well since I have recently failed a course and have to repeat it and risk literally failing out the program. I don't know if I should quit now or see it through the end but risk literally getting booted out.
  6. by   Loststudent
    @hotaru1 - I left my nursing program. I knew in my heart it wasn't for me, and that it would just be a job for me, not a career that I am passionate about (which I am striving for!). It's hard to decide, especially when you are so far into it. Honestly, if I were you, you have one more year left. If you can handle it, I would try and finish, since you already went through all 3 years and are in that debt. A lot of the jobs I have been looking at - human resources for a hospital, to management, to community health programs - all consider a nursing degree for hire. A lot of companies in general just look to the fact that you have a bachelor's degree, nevermind the fact that it is nursing. There are so many masters programs out there now that you could expand your career goals into if they don't include nursing to further your education without necessarily starting over with a new bachelor's degree. But, I believe the situation is different for everyone! Only you can know yourself. Life is too short to be miserable. Be sensible, but listen to your heart ( had to throw this cheesy line in there).
  7. by   Hotaru1
    @Loststudent Thank you for taking the time to come back tell your story! I really appreciate it. I applaud you for having the strength and courage to actually make that decision-the decision that I never had the courage to make for the past 3 years. Yeah I think the biggest difference is that I'm so into deep in the program already and only have a year left but honestly I'm not even sure what my standing in the program is anymore. I definitely don't want to be miserable and your right life is too short, I think that's the biggest lesson I learned from my endeavors in nursing. Have you gone to a different program related to health care or considered it? Or are you thinking of going a completely different route? I think one of my biggest downfall is my character; I can't seem to decide if I don't have a solid plan for my actions but truth is, no one really knows what lies ahead of them so sometimes we have to take risks to find out much like what you did. Also, the time, the effort, the challenges that I went through was way to much for me to quit now much like you said I just want to finish the year off but because of that class I had failed, there's a huge chance I might get kicked off the program which made me consequently think.. well I wasted so much money, effort, and time to do this and one slip up is causing me to pay for it. Anyhow, I think that's really the biggest factor that's driving me nuts. Thank you for your reply. I wish you the best at your new challenges! (I'm bad at making my own cheesy lines sorry )