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New Graduates-How long to find first job

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    I was wondering for new graduates in BC. How long did it take to find your first job as a nurse after completing your BSN.

    I am just starting my journey to become a nurse in BC. I was wondering if it really matters from what school you graduate from. I've heard some people say it doesn't really matter just as long as you pass the certification exam on the first try. I was thinking of applying to UBC but I think my average in the last 30 credits is too low, around a 73%, so I think I am going to apply to Kwantlen because my overall is around 79%.

    I was wondering if Kwantlen graduates ever had trouble finding a job after. Or any of the other graduates from BC.

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    It really doesn't matter where you went to school. If you read the threads on here about nursing jobs in BC the market is apparently not good right now.
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    I graduated from UBC in May 2013 and had a FT job at the place I did my final preceptorship in June as well as several casual job offers elsewhere. I started applying for jobs in February and had several interviews / casual offers before I wrote the CRNE. From looking at my classmates and other new grads, the people who got FT jobs the quickest were people who applied before graduation or people who wanted to work at the place they did their final preceptorship. Others, who didn't apply for jobs until June, didn't apply everywhere, or didn't want to work at their final placements, struggled to find employment (casual or otherwise).

    I don't think it really matters where you go to school, find a program that works for you!
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    Thanks it good to know that people can still find jobs after going through this long journey. I will be sure to apply before graduation. Thanks for the info.
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    Within 2 months of graduating I had a fulltime night job. I think positions in ON are grim again. I had over 50 nurses apply for casual lines I posted.
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    I'm in Ontario and graduated in December. I have a FT job through the new graduate program that I begin a week from today! i just have to hope and pray that I get to stay after the 6 months.
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    Thats the problem Vintage. The majority don't get after the 6 months. I found hfo a joke. I applied for months before I graduated to hospitals that were posted but hadn't used hfo in years. Better to keep applying when working with hfo.
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    Quote from vintagePN
    I'm in Ontario and graduated in December. I have a FT job through the new graduate program that I begin a week from today! i just have to hope and pray that I get to stay after the 6 months.
    Usually they don't get to stay. It it is a unionized work place then positions are awarded by seniority. You won't get a full time as a new grad with less seniority than the other internal applicants.
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    Well, I know someone who was hired onto the unit recently after doing the new grad I'm hopeful. I'm not expecting FT by any means...but I'm hopeful for casual. I'm just excited to learn as much as I can over the next 6 months...regardless of the outcome.
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    Yes you may get on casual.
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    HFO is a joke and I know of many people who were not hired on at the end, or were offered casual only because of budget constraints. I left the Province for a permanent position.
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    Well guys, thanks for the encouragement!!! lol....

    Regardless, I'm very excited for the opportunity and extremely blessed to have anything at all!
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    I did HFO but it was a new program when i graduated so i was one of the lucky ones.. Just keep searching. You will get a job. It may take a while but it does happen. Persevere and send out resume EVERYWHERE for any position. Even if its a unit you may not like because its called foot in door lol