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LPN bridging to RN in Alberta

  1. 0 I'm a 20 years old female. I currently have spot in Bow Valley College for the LPN program. I would like to hear from anyone who started as an LPN and bridged to be a RN. If you could please share what you had experienced after you graduated up to becoming an RN.

    I'm also curious about the starting wage of an LPN and how light or heavy work do LPN's have to deal with. Thank you
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    You can check here for current wage information:http://www.nursesunions.ca/sites/def...arison.e_0.pdf.
    When you refer to a light or heavy work load to you mean physically?
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    Thank you. Yes, I mean physically.
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    Physically nursing is very heavy no matter if you are an LPN or an RN. Lots of walking, standing, lifting, carrying and turning.
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    Well, a friend graduated from Athabasca about two years ago, eventually found a full time RN line and got "bumped" due to the restructuring that is happening. She's still trying to find a line.

    Why don't you finish your PN education, find a job and see how you do? There are required hours to be worked as an LPN before you can register in the Athabasca U bridge.

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