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I am starting this thread because I would like feedback on the positives about nursing in Canada. I hear so much about people moving to the US and I would love to hear from those who are staying, living and nursing in Canada. ... Read More

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    I worked in SK. Not good. Everyone there was leaving for Alberta.

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    Yeah, that's never appealed to me. I think there is such a HUGE variety of places in Canada (and the US).
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    Both can give out meds: RNs & LVNs.
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    Originally Posted by fergus51
    I've done both... I love nursing in Canada because:
    1. Money is not an issue for our patients, ever. I never feel pressured to deliver the cheapest care possible.
    2. Unions. Thank God for unions.
    3. Decent ratios and decent pay (see #3 for why).
    4. Less emphasis on "customer" servive. Patients are still patients here (or clients, but NOT customers).
    5. I still feel like ethical patient care is the goal and more important than other concerns.

    ================================================== ==
    All health disciplines are respected and recognized; team; hollistic approach in Ontario.
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    I have worked in the states and in Canada, Canada is better because
    1) client's are patients (they come to us for help0
    2) they are allowed to seek a second opinion
    3)the money
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    Quote from fergus51
    We do have seasons (you can definitely tell it's winter right now!), they just aren't as pronounced. I used to think it was funny when people were whining that it was cold when it was in the 50s, but I've obviously been acclimatized to California or something because it feels cold to me too now:chuckle

    Even though I am from Chicago I have heard -several- friends and associates relate this type of information to me. What they say is that once they moved to the south or the west that they were never able to tolerate the cold from the north quite the same.

    Although one of them said that he had no problem returning from the Southwest and adjusting to the cold again, the first time, then he moved South for work again (TX, AZ and CA) and when he returned he realized that he didn't know how easy he had it before because he was no longer able to tolerate our regular weather!

    I am the opposite I guess, I am really, really looking forward to moving north. It hasn't been cold enough here for me to wear my sorel's or ski pants in years! Its downright hot, to me.

    p.s. hopefully you will re-adjust back to the cooler weather with ease like the guy I know did the first time he returned.
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    Quote from Lizzypooh
    Here, RPNs go to school for 2 years, and RNs go for 4 years. And around here rpns start at around 18 dollars an hour (Canadian). And i'm not sure which province is the overall warmest.. possibly BC, their winters aren't as cold; but here in southern ontario it can get to be 35 degrees celcius in the summer

    Now, i have a question for you... in the states, who gives out the meds? LVNs or RNs?
    Hello Lizzypooh,

    I some hospitals in Chicago, (county) the lvns are called the med nurses and really all they do IS pass meds.

    At one hospital where I worked the LVNs were teamed with an RN and pretty much did all that the RN did except for nursing diagnoses or passing narcotics.

    p.s. I am not a nurse yet, have worked as a CNA for nearly 18 years and at various hospitals around here
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    Hi I am a Rn in the USA and I am applying for both permenant resident visa and to write the exam in canada. I am so happy to here about all the pros of nursing in Canada. As a TB case manager/manager for five counties in New jersey it is wonderful and affirming to know that nursing in canada is close to my belief/practice where it is patient-centered without the stress us RN's have here. Ditto to nurses having the ability to enjoy the beauty of canada. However, i do want to ask about multidisciplinary collaboration esp. with the doctors.
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    We have great multidiscipline teams. The hospital where I work do rounds every a.m. and weekends/holidays as well, from Dr's, dietician, social work, nurses, and physio. It is great for pt. care and nothing gets missed or lost in the cracks. This is a must and there is always 100% attendance with all health disciplines attending.

    Hope this helps.
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    i am a UK nurse with a BA(Hons) in adult nursing and registered with the NMC. i would love to work in Canada in the OR but have no idea how to go about it. do i need to take any other exams (after 4 years studying i am a bit fed up!). canada seems a lovely place to live and you have proper seasons - we just have wet/ grey. your healthcare system is the same as ours though, which is another thing i like.

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