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Hello, As a recently unemployed 45 year old single woman, I am looking at a career change. It seems all we hear in the media is how short the nursing profession is and the upcoming demand. In... Read More

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    Fiona is right.. When u r low on the totem pole u will get all te crappy shifts.. Work all the holidays and be denied vacation because someone with higher seniority wants it off too.. Working ot and on holidays doesnt bug me.. My dtr is 14 and is used to me being on shift work since she was 2 so her not seeing me on some xmas morning or missing an event hasnt hurt her... Its just part of my job..
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    I've been looking through postings for the last 2 weeks. Many are .5-.6, which isn't really enough to live on if you're single. Of course, there are full time positions in medicine, ortho, and ltc which accept new grads. Jobs exist, but you'll need to be flexible and take what you get as a new grad. Most people I know who wanted specialty units waited 6 months to a year after graduation.
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