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    Quote from hello123
    BCIT is indeed competitive to get in, but take note that they have shrunken their degree to a 3-year format and have disallowed students to become ESN's during the program. Instead they have replaced it with co-op preceptorships (paid via a bursary format) in the last semester. That means a few things:
    1. ESNs can get seniority while they work for a health authority as they are seen as casual employees. Hospitals who use ESNs tend to favour them over other types of new grads, because they have already proven they can taken on their own patient load (without a preceptor). ESNs have access to internal job postings upon graduation, where other regular new grads do not and must apply externally (and sometimes there is not much externally).
    2. In a weak job market, having that ESN connection can really make the difference between finding employment after graduation, to having no employment at all and possibly having to relocate elsewhere.
    So be sure you carefully consider this when applying for a nursing program in the lower mainland.
    Personally, I have some very opposite views on your points I think BCIT has a great program, but I'm getting the sense that you don't agree.
    -yes, BCIT students get paid for preceptorships while other schools do not, and instead get paid for ESN. To me, those are equal. You are still making money while in school.
    -a 3 year program is not necessarily a bad thing? It's not for everyone, but certainly is a great option for those looking to finish faster than 4 years.
    -yes, you could get a job from your ESN, but I know many students who have received job offers from their preceptorships as well. It makes sense too: you are done school after that term and looking for a job, instead of still going back to school for another 1-2 years (which an ESN would do)
    -to my knowledge, ESNs take on 2 pts, while in preceptorships you take on the full load of the nurse. you are not at a disadvantage by going to BCIT!

    Another point to consider is that BCIT has a great reputation, and I have heard nothing but favourable comments about the BCIT program from staff during my rotations. Just adding my
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    I've been waiting to get a response from BCIT about my nursing application.
    I'm really hoping I'll get shortlisted at least! I haven't gotten the 2 Liberal studies classes done though..
    Has anyone who applied for the 2011 Aug intake gotten a letter yet?? I've been really anxious about it.
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    Hi Srama,

    I also applied for the August intake and have yet to hear back from them. The wait is making me anxious too :S
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    I emailed the advisor for nursing and she said we should hear back either this week or the week after
    Good luck!
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    I think the only people who know about their application intake status for August 2011 are the ones who were waitlisted for January 2011 but didn't make it into that semester. When they do post your status in March (either mid or late March depending on whether you have a degree or not), I think that you will only find out whether you were shortlisted. But best of luck!

    Make sure you stay on top of all the form deadlines. And it wouldn't be a bad idea to get your CPR HCP too.
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    BCIT's program I have heard is great, however you do need 30 credits prior to entering. I am a UFV student in their 3 year program. It is a full 120 credits in 3 years and goes through summer. No credits prior to school is required.

    As for ESNing... i know BCIT does not allow you to ESN for the 3 year.. but you get a paid preceptorship.

    UFV students are allowed to ESN during the 3 years.. and we schedual ourselves in when we have off days at school etc.

    Just somethign to look at
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    I was wondering if anyone who is already in the program could post their stats (GPA, work/volunteer experiences, what kind of health-related experiences, how many times applied before being accepted etc, etc) so I could use as a reference of comparisions. That's highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

    Also, BCIT said that we should hear back before 4/30. Based on your experience, is it really the last week of April? Anyone know how early do they start sending out acceptance letter?
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    Just checked my application status... Provisional Acceptance xDDDDDDDDD

    I thought that they would send me an email in addition to changing my status on my account. Perhaps a letter is on its way...

    What to do next? A little confused! I thought there is something called the commitment fee that we have to pay immediately upon acceptance. Does anyone know the deadline to pay?

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    You should get an email shortly with all sorts of information about what to do next! I believe the committment fee is something like $200, you usually have a few weeks to pay that. This will be explained in your email. So for now you can just celebrate!
    Congratulations green_tea! I know you have been waiting a long time for this i'm sure you will love BCIT!
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    Congrats green tea!!!
    I just checked mine too but nothing has changed yet about my application. It makes me a bit worried!!!

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