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Hey there, I was wondering if anyone could tell me which areas of nursing require little to none "cleaning" ie. bodily fluids etc. I know of public health, any others? I will appreciate it!... Read More

  1. by   Daisy_08
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    . That's what care aides and LPN's do"Outcome...Two days .
    sorry you said you were in a RPN course, so how is that different then a LPN?
  2. by   misfitmittens
    Quote from Daisy_08
    sorry you said you were in a RPN course, so how is that different then a LPN?
    We meet again... Registered Psychiatric Nurse
  3. by   rajm
    Thank you everyone for the feedback! I shall pass these suggestions a long
  4. by   joanna73
    To the person who said they worked surgery...depending where you work, there are shifts you will be covered in poo and other bodily fluids working the OR. Dealing with these aspects is the less enjoyable part of nursing. However, we are helping someone and providing comfort. Isn't that why we went into nursing in the first place? It's all part of the job.
  5. by   itsmejuli
    I just had to add

    I went into nursing at the tender age of 45. I'd never been around seniors and had no clue about dementia. During my first semester we did our clinicals in a long term care facility. I swore I'd never work geriatrics after that experience.

    Look at me now....I supervise homecare aids in a senior's lodge. The average age of my clients is 85. I love geriatrics.

    So keep an open mind about nursing.
  6. by   ajaxgirl
    I also worked in the OR straight of school. I was never covered in poop.Lots of blood but no poop. I even had endoscopy an there was surprisingly little poop. Then I went to Case Management where I never touch patients, it's all done over the phone. It's possible.