Alberta hiring freeze

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    Have a question for anyone who may know... I live in winnipeg, been an RN for 2 1/2yrs and applied recently for my license in Alberta. I just found out there is a hiring freeze!
    If anyone knows please feel free to share with me if I have a chance of getting my license approved? If so, will I be able to get a job? Specifically in calgary...

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    Lots of discussing of this subject here in this thread
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    CARNA will give you a license.

    Just don't expect to find a job anytime in the next 6 months to a year.

    The provincial colleges have nothing to do with finding you work. They just take our money and provide our liability insurance.
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    How is living at wetawiskin? It's rural but are there buses running from edmonton?
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    They sell a lot of cars there.

    Nah, you'll need a car.
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    I'd forget about coming to Calgary for a while.... Things are not looking good as far as nursing jobs
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    Wetaskiwin is surrounded by four First Nations reserves. These are Ermineskin, Louis Bull, Montana and Samson. They have a reputation for being high-crime areas - guns, drugs, domestic violence and such. There are issues related to poverty as well. Wetaskiwin's hospital is a busy one.

    Greyhound runs one bus a day from Edmonton to Wetaskiwin (leaves at 0045 and arrives at 0205) and vice versa (leaves 0445 and arrives 0605). Fares are around $18-25 one way. Red Arrow doesn't go to Wetaskiwin. Highway 2 isn't a friendly place when it snows...,d.cGE
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    Thanks ladies ! I had an interview with a manager down there and was thinking if its a good idea to move from Toronto ATM especially when every one is talking about the freeze .

    Good insight! Thanks once again
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    Just remember, if they have to interview people from out of province, there is a pretty good reason locals don't want the job!
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    That's so true ! It's just better for me to stick to my partime job here with some casual shifts which runs my house and living in Toronto ! Lol
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