AHS: "You're Fired....Happy Nurses Week!"

  1. 0 What perfect timing! Yesterday, UNA posted an article outlining the recent layoffs of 20+ (maybe more...I can't recall exactly) nurses at various Primary Care Network Centres in Calgary.

    According to the article, the affected nurses had their positions eliminated through AHS as a cost savings measure. These nurses may apply for positions within the system or apply for their old positions which are now non-union at these PCN's.

    Very classy, especially considering that these layoffs coincide with nurses week.

    The bad news keeps on coming. I would put nothing past them. Hopefully during the next election in AB Redford and her posse will be voted out. Such a disaster!
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    Can't wait for the next election.
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    The number is FORTY!

    [FONT=adelle]Dozens of Calgary nurses have received layoff notices since Monday, something the union describes as insulting as it comes during National Nursing Week. “We just think it’s the epitome of disrespect,” said Jacki Capper, president of the United Nurses of Alberta Local 211.
    [FONT=adelle]A total of 21 registered nurses who work in home care and another 19 chronic-disease management nurses received job-elimination notices on Monday and Tuesday, Capper said.
    Calgary nurses call layoffs issued during Nursing Week ‘disrespectful’ | Metro

    The government has a lot of time left in their "mandate" to totally destroy our health care system. These laid-off nurses are likely to have at least some seniority, since PCN postings all had minimum experience requirements, usually 5 years. If they choose not to work in a non-union workplace they'll stay where they are, but I think it would be fairly fool-hardy to choose that, given the current climate for nurses in this province - again. So they're going to bump. the ripples from this will spread for a long time.

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    Does anyone have a link to the UNA statement?
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    Heard that one unit at RAH is closing 4 beds and 8 staff will be displaced. From NAs to RNs. Bumping throughout.

    Albertans always vote Conservative. They'll snark and whine about the cutbacks but keep re-electing them.

    Remember the early '90s? Ralphie slashed and burnt across the province but they still re-elected them.
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    Jan imbedded the link in her post above.

    Yes, the Redford government is no better than Ralphie or Mike Harris (ON Premier 1995-?). Anytime Conservatives are elected, you can bet cuts to education and health care will occur. People never learn.

    I wonder how much more they'll keep cutting everywhere? This surely is not the end. And ON is no better. I read an article on ONA's website today discussing the fact that nurses there are overworked with more cuts in store.
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    the link is for an article from Metro. Is there an official statement from UNA?
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    I read the article because UNA posted it on their facebook feed, which I'm subscribed to. I'm using my phone, so I can't post links, but I would imagine that you could find something on UNA's website.
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    Well here in Ontario the liberals are doing a fine job of screwing up healthcare. The premier Dalton Mcliar, recatly jumped from the very sunken ship, and quit!
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    UNA hasn't made an official statement nor posted anything public on the website. UNAnet doesn't have any comments from labour relations either. I just checked.

    These aren't the only lay-offs in Calgary either. Rockyview laid off 21 between February and April. Those nurses all filled vacancies at South Campus.
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    Here is the UNA press release: UNA demands answers from AHS about nurse layoffs - UNA

    It doesn't say much.
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    Im really paranoid about this, what other healthcare professions are affected? Just nurses? Where did all the money go?!

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