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Good morning everyone! Just wondering if you've noticed the activity on the AHS job board the last few days. Today, there are approximately 200 nursing positions active on the site. Two weeks prior to the budget, there were... Read More

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    Read an email this week, the L word was used. LAYOFFs.
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    Ever notice it's always floor grunts and never management under threat
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    I've heard. All we can do is wait and see. The whole thing is unnerving and very frustrating. Nurses are killing themselves with OT while others have next to no hours. Not very forward thinking at all.
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    I graduate next year, this is very discouraging. Thank you for sharing the information though - I've been warning my fellow nursing students about this.
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    I don't think people are really aware of how tough the market is....when I tell people I'm in nursing they exclaim how easy it's going to be to find a job. In class our teacher's constantly tell us nursing is in demand. Really? :/
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    People are not aware how tough the market is. I have friends and family who try to argue that nurses can easily find jobs. "We need nurses!"

    My response: "It's all politics and money. We do need nurses, but the government doesn't want to pay for health care. We just work short."

    But nursing is cyclical. There will be jobs again, and there are still jobs for nurses. However, you need to be prepared that you may not be hired into a desirable location right away, or have full time hours.
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    I got an email on the casual AHS position I applied for "due to unforeseen circumstances, the above noted requisition has been cancelled"
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    Quote from itsmejuli
    I got an email on the casual AHS position I applied for "due to unforeseen circumstances, the above noted requisition has been cancelled"
    Got the same one for one I'd applied for in my hospital.

    I've seen some of the new rotations compiled by the company AHS hired. They are brutal. Contract compliant but brutual. Nobody likes them.

    So much for the work/life balance that AHS promotes on the website. It's more a case of we own you and you might be able to see your family 2 weekends out of 5.
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    I'm sorry to hear that this is happening, but I'm not surprised. Hopefully, we might see even a slight improvement within the next 6 months. AHS doesn't care about their staff, that's clear.

    And yet, many people still cannot grasp how bad it is. This is the 90's all over again. My family thinks I'm exaggerating when I tell them that we are overworked, and yet there are hiring freezes at the same time.

    In fact, one of my coworkers who has been waiting for an LPN line at another facility said this morning that they have been warned to post the lines as soon as possible due to hiring freezes which are coming. Some months she's had 2 shifts. It's crazy.

    Yet we have IEN's complaining about the system. Yes, it is brutal....and we're all suffering in one way or another.

    Work/life balance? Right. It's feast or famine.
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    I'm considering myself lucky that I have an interview for a casual home health aide position...rural...an hour away from me. I've all but given up on a UNE position for the summer. I'm just hoping that getting into the system will make it slightly easier when I graduate next spring, especially if things don't improve. I'm wondering what will happen with their commitment to hire 70% of new grads.

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