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Well, now that management is having their expenses accounts monitored, it's time to go for the rank and file. Part timers are now to be charged for their parking when they are not working! Yup, the parking memo for the... Read More

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    Working rural is starting to make me depressed. So although it's not an ideal time for me to leave, I am leaving. We are all so overworked because there is never enough staff, and that's not the life I want anymore. I'm very glad I came, but I can't see working a Northern post ever again. It's just not for me, for various reasons.
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    AHS needs a huge audit at every level so they know where exactly their money is going.

    I'm staying put where I am with no raise in the foreseeable future. I've had no response to any jobs I've applied to with AHS.
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    Wow! And here I was thinking that it was just my unit! We are strictly instructed not to replace first sick calls. Only if we receive 2 sick calls are we allowed to replace 1 of them an that is ONLY allowed at straight time. It's getting crazy!
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    Joanna - northern tural mursing takes a special kind of person.. Our area is the same.. Short staffed a good majority of the time
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    Trish I've been in a small town for 2.5 years already, so it's not as though I've come and left. I don't need to be in a huge city, but I definitely need more action than there is here. I'm not leaving immediately, but within another 5 months. Or I can stay here and go insane, which is not a very good choice. Quality of life also needs to be a factor, not just money.

    The not replacing sick calls is a common ploy. When I was working my final practicum, many of the hospitals weren't replacing sick calls or short LOA's. This was 3 years ago. Everyone just received 1-2 extra patients. So, even picking up a casual position....maybe you're called, maybe not because upper management wants to cut labour costs.
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    So happy AHS isn't my primary employer anymore! I am watching to see what happens with interest. I was initially quite excited to see Alison Redford become premier but now I'm kind of wondering how Smith would have done.

    SSDD with the PCs, isn't it?
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    Yep. Some people assumed that Redford would be pro health care, because this was part of her campaign mandate. But of course, they will all say and do whatever they need to become elected. At the end of it all, this truly is SSDD. Everywhere is the same. Money is all that matters.
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    Well...at least I'm far better off here that I was in Florida...I do have health insurance here
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    I am so glad that my employer doesnt deliberately have us work short.. Our casuals when in town work ft hrs.. We r usually short because there is no one who wants to work that shift..

    This too hopefully will pass quickly...
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