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"Hey, you should've been there when I finally let Arwen have it," Sarah (not her real name) tells me as we sit down in the nondescript break room of our assisted living facility to sip go-go juice... Read More

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    Quote from VivaLasViejas


    Have you ever heard healthcare workers discuss bodily functions in terms of food? too. The other day, one of our CNAs ran into the break room with no two hairs going in the same direction, and she was panting like a black dog in July. "Did you give Benny the Hot Slider this morning?" she demanded, glaring at me as though I'd just betrayed some dirty, dark secret. (FYI: this "slider" is a concoction made up of 240 mL prune juice, 30 mL of Lactulose or MOM, and two pats of butter---zap for 45 seconds in the microwave, stir well, and drink daily PRN for constipation. It's failed only twice that I can recall, and since I've spent most of my career in geriatrics, you KNOW I've mixed this brew a time or ten.)

    "Yes, I did. He hasn't 'gone' in almost a week," was my explanation, to which the aide promptly responded with an outraged sigh. "Well, he's more'n made up for it. You should SEE the river of (brown word) I just cleaned up in there---it was pourin' off the bed like uncooked brownie mix!!"

    I'm a CNA and this is the EXACT same thing that happened to me yesterday evening. I came in the room from my break and you can OBVIOUSLY smell that she's done something. I find her in the chair with her HEAD BETWEEN HER LEGS! She said "I'm trying to smell and see if I pooped or not" __________________________DEADoop:. Got her up to the bathroom and it's just running all down her leg. I had to double gown and quadruple my gloves AND a face shield. It took 10 bath towels, almost the entire container of bleach wipes (all on the patient's floor), and 5 packs of bath wipes to get her clean......AND a entire can of air freshener LMBO!!!!! Staying a CNA for the rest of my life IS NOT an option lbs.
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    Oh my God! I can't stop laughing!! Hot slider!!!
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    lol... you sure we have never worked together? cuz this sounds like every break room at every place I've ever worked...