You Know You've Had A Hectic Shift/Day At Work - page 5

1. You reach behind your ear for your pen and pull out a rectal thermometer. 2. You begin to slip off your shoes to relax, and find your OR booties still on. 3. You go to a restaurant, order your meal, go to the bathroom,... Read More

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    Quote from JustEnuff2BDangerous
    After an especially busy day at work my husband almost always has to tell me to "slow down".. I'll go speed walking through our house because it's the same pace I've been walking up and down the hallways all day :P
    I'm 5'3" and my DH is 6'1". For the first decade of our marriage he would walk so much faster than me I had to jog to keep up sometimes. Now, I'm pulling out in front of him!!! Hehe.

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    Quote from Mommy_of_3_in_AL..RN
    you leave work, get out of the parking deck and stop at the 4 way stop sign, and sit there for ten minutes waiting for the nonexistant light to turn green so you can go.....
    Or stop at the green light believing it to be a 4-way stop... until the car behind you starts honking...
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    you stop and buy a few groceries and sign a check with your name RN
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    working on full speed for years...I will never forget when I got remarried and I never thought about how full tilt I always operated on...ate at full speed or you didn't eat at work, walked at full speed or you didn't get everything done, wrote at full bore or the charts got taken by someone else,...well, one night shortly after we got our forties..I decided to bake cookies at 945 pm...he comes into the kitchen and says...DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM...noo..I don't think so...Welcome to the world of being married to a nurse...we are wide open...I think it becomes ingrained as your 2nd
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    You have to stop and think if you actually eat your food at home in 15 minutes flat cause the line in the cafe is so long that's all you get....
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    you get clocked out, run to your car and realize you've never had to pee so bad in your life-you forgot to take a bathroom break during your 12 hour shift
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    OMG YESSSS!! I had this dream the other night.

    Quote from Not_A_Hat_Person
    You have a dream that you forgot to give a resident meds.
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    Swear you can hear your CNA's calling you to a room for some emergency, and you call back to let them know your on your way. Scaring poor Hubby from a sound sleep believing the house has been broken into!

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