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What are some of your alls funniest, grossest, wierdest stories that deal with male teenagers??????... Read More

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    I work summers at a camp. Co Ed 7-16 plus counselors 20+. We have observed that two boys in a room will quickly develop bunk funk, to the point we have to air it out after they leave. Girls in the same type of room for the same amount of time, do not leave funk. I had a boy about 13 who presented with a large blister covering half the bottom of his foot, ON BOTH FEET. They popped soaking his shoes and leaving flaps of skin the soze of an instant waffle hanging off the bottoms of his feet. He was positively hobbled. I dressed them and asked just how he managed to get such big blisters. He replied that he was playing basket ball on the asphalt barefoot. I angerly looked at his counsoler, who immediately broke down and admitted he had done it too, and had matching wounds!
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    My mom thought my brother and I had ringworm, but it was from sticking a vacuum hose to each other, and watching the little the mound it left

    And then,... One day she walked in and nearly passed out. I had been watching TV sucking the top of a yoohoo bottle, and letting it pull my lips in, they were swollen, gray, and blue. Guess she thought I was having a heart attack at 8 years old. Never done that again

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