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So many TV shows and movies take place, at least in part, in a medical setting. When you're a nurse, you automatically notice the severe errors in the scenery, which ruins the show. Or maybe it's... Read More

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    Quote from HollyHobby
    Even on "real" medical shows, like Trauma: life in the ER, I get p***** off. I'm an ICU nurse. In these shows, the patient spends a bit of time in the ER and then CT and then surgery, then the next thing you know, he's recovering and ready to go home.

    What happened to the two or four or ten weeks the patient spent in the ICU? What about the ICU nurses who worked their hinders off trying to save the guy? Not to mention the physical therapists, dieticians, CNAs, etc etc.

    It's like this person came in horribly injured, but thanks to the ER staff (and they deserve credit of course, but not ALL the credit) the patient is on his way home. The ER nurse may spend maybe a few hours with that patient, the ER doc may spend an hour total, but the ICU nurse spends weeks or MONTHS with the patient. But the ER doctor (who is often snappish and rude) gets all the credit for saving the life.

    It just gets my undies in a bundle.
    [FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"]I agree, Holly. I will add this, too...what about the MedSurg nurses who care for the patients when they're out of the ICU but not quite ready to go home? We could use some recognition by the TV people, too. (And the Stepdown nurses, of course!)

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    Hilarious thread
    Im pretty sure in hero's characters often have NG tubes for no reason which are easily pulled out by the baddie as they are resting in the nose not the gut. Oh and an IV machine because it isn't medicine without a machine that goes beep.

    Makes me a bit crazy too the way nurses are portrayed, gossiping, flirting with doctors and walking around aimlessly with a clipboard.

    I find when people hear Im a nurse they have a long pause then say "OH I LOVE house/greys anatomy/'inset popular doctor show'". Yeah Im a nurse though.
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    Have you noticed that NO ONE on Er ever washes their hands?????!!!!!
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    so i watched ET and they were resuscitating him. I wonder how they were able to find an IV access on him hmm
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    Quote from RADIATIONRN2BE
    I agree cityhawk, as much as the inaccuracies of Mercy bug me so much, I have gotten into it. I just wish they wouldn't have made Chloe a "new" nurse with a masters degree. I would think someone with a masters degree in nursing wouldn't seem so naive about everything. It's like she went through all that schooling with no clinicals! hehe!
    And now sweet Chloe has determined to "screw it, I'm going to medical school". Sigh, I am not sure I even have the words for that.
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    Quote from Purple_Scrubs
    And now sweet Chloe has determined to "screw it, I'm going to medical school". Sigh, I am not sure I even have the words for that.
    Thank you!

    Just watch---if Mercy gets renewed, Chloe will miraculously get through medical school in one season, two at the most, and be done with residency before you can say "Prime Time Leno".

    Never mind---Mercy has been cancelled. Mercifully?
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    I live in the UK and have to endure Holby City and the program that spawned it, Casualty. My girlfriend shouts at me for picking fault in it all the time. Ward nurses also end up scrubing for theatres, ventilated patients are cared for on medical wards, not on ITU unlike how its normally done here, almost everyone survives cardiac arrest, anaesthetists manage to kill themsevles playing with defibs in theatre, only the best ward nurses are considered to work as theatre nurses, junior doctors are actually medical students. The worst thing is, doctors and nurses advise on how to make these programs realistic.
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    I liked that a student was allowed to pull and push fent completely unsupervised? When I was I student I had to have someone watch me dispense Tylenol!
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    I watch Nurse Jackie and I literally fell off my chair when the 2nd year nursing student Zoe ran a respiratory arrest with the help of the stereotypically gay male nurse "Thor". The doctor/everyone else weren't available so Zoe intubates!!!! Patient recovers. Doctor buys Zoe some flowers as a thankyou!! I mean really people!
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    I like in Mercy when the biggest nursing duty the girls perform is randomly going up to a patient's IV line and "checks the bag"... I know we check our lines etc but it just makes me laugh when I see them do it. And also when Sonia doesn't even wear a uniform and is allowed to talk on her phone during the shift!
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