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This thread is started in honor of my darling husband, who told me this morning that he almost woke me early because he had a bowel obstruction. I said, "A bowel obstruction? Really? Tell me more about it, honey." He... Read More

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    "Once you start working as a nurse, we'll be rich!"

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    In that case the medical people have obviously not bothered to do their job again. They have not informed him of what the procedure entails. As a result, even if he has signed a consent form, he can sue them for battery as it was not informed consent.
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    I had a friend who had had minor surgery. He was quite nauseated afterwards and they put a motion sickness patch behind his ear for the car ride home. He rang me the next day and we chatted about his procedure. He said at one point they put an 'emotional sickness' patch on him before he went home and he couldn't figure this out why he was given this after the op when he was so nervous beforehand. He was deadly serious. Took me awhile to respond due to my hysteria. man I wish they could make an emotional sickness patch! *I've only been a nurse for 7 months and so far I have learned that people are stupid...bless 'em*
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    One of my dearest friends friends step mother is always insisting that she has some kind of monumental sickness. A few months ago when I was visiting with her, she told me that she had been having head aches and that she was just sure that it was "spiral meningitis"......grrrr
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    Stupid is as stupid does
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    Quote from Moogie
    Recently one of the dogs had surgery. When I had to remove her stitches, my darling husband wasn't sure I could handle it. After all, I was a "people" nurse, not a "puppy" nurse. I think he was serious. :icon_roll
    LOL this exact same thing happened to me. He kept asking me if I was sure I wanted to do it until I finished taking them out.
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    Got to defend Moogie's husband. As a people nurse, I'm pretty tough. Critters though? Not so much. When I was doing a lot of volunteer work at the humane society, I was fine with drawing blood, giving vaccinations. Then we started a microchip program. COULD NOT DO IT. Those needles are something like a 12 or 14 guage. I tried one day, looked at the needle, and COULD NOT make myself stick the poor dog. Could not. Nope. Will not stick that huge thing into the poor critter.

    Now I think microchipping is great. If I had to stick a person with a needle like that, I'd feel bad for a second, get over it, do it. Cannot do it to a critter though!
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    [color=#a9a9a9]our vet microchips under anesthesia whenever possible. our gang were all chipped while under being castrated or spayed.
    he feels it's uncomfortable enough that the critter gets sedation if not done along with surgery.
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    I hate when that happens. lol
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