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Just read the story about the gal that swallowed her engagement ring that her boyfriend slipped into her milkshake. She didn't believe him until she saw the x-ray! Fortunately, the crisis passed ;) What's the funniest/strangest... Read More

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    One of those old styled rounded prosthetic eyes up the backside. We didn't know it was that until it was removed.

    One girl found out her friend was cheating with her boyfriend, so she took her cell phone intending to "foul it up a bit" and inserted it into the vagina, the aerial caught in the cervix and so got stuck. It rung half way through the gynae reg's attempt to remove it.

    Girl, with legs in the air, pipes up "can you see who's ringing? I bet its that stupid bastard (her ex)!"

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    Carpenter's nails, the 6 inch kind, into the skull. Missed anything vital (?!). Work buddies got mad at him.

    Two weeks later somebody in California did the same, made national news. Guess my little hospital is better at HIPAA
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    Quote from diawc
    13 yo boy who inserted a metal rod into his penis - didnt ask, but he ended up in surgery.

    DD girl who swollowed staples one at a time - took us a while to figure that one out.

    Had a cousin who worked on the West coast, he had a patient who "accidentally" sat on a jar of grey poupon. Yup surgery - but the funniest part was that his surgeons also lived in his subdivision. Can you imagine the summer block party? "Pardon me sure....can you pass the............."
    Where that surgeon was operating he/she won't recognize the patient at a block party!
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    Quote from pawsomepooch47
    i think that would be a beer bottle inserted per rectum--all the way in. drunk guy passed out cold---"friends" did it to him as a "joke". had to be surgically removed. not very funny fellas.
    man that must create a vacuum! shudders!

    the worst i ever did was shave a guys eyebrow off.
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    My mother is an old OR nurse, and she told us some pretty funny stories of 'retrieval procedures' in surgery. The one that stands out was the big, long sweet potato stuck up the guy's rectum, and required it to be surgically removed! Needless to say, we can't have sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving anymore.....

    I took care of a patient that claimed to have ' swallowed his toothbrush'.....yeah right, that's why you had to have a hemi-colectomy! Can't imagine how he explained this to his wife and kids! geez!
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    I have seen lots of strange things on X-rays but once when I was working in the ED I walked by the X-ray box and found about 5 doctors standing around looking at this abdominal film of some guy with some complaint or another. They were just looking and looking, pointing to the X-ray "what is that?". I walked up there. "It's his kidney!" and walked away. And you went to medical school.
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    This isn't a funny story, but pretty cool.
    I had a wicked-crazy night full of chaos and mayhem in the ER a few years back. One pt was an elderly lady who fell and had a questionable pelvic fx. So, the ER doc wants an old film for comparison. There was one, but as the tech tried to explain the circumstances, a trauma came in and off the Doc went. "Just get me the film- I don't care when it was....."

    Ok, so the tech procurs said film. This film is older then I am- but in perfect condition. It was taken at almost full-term to see if it was possible to deliver this woman's oldest child, currently at her bedside, D/T a worry of a small pelvis. Back then in my little rural town, if it had been decided her pelvis was too small she would have had to go across the entire state to a speciality hospital.

    With the pt's permission, said film was displayed with honors in the ER later that night when everything quieted down. It just tickled our pt to show her child their 'first' picture. It was by far one of the coolest things I've ever seen.
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    I have seen on an X-ray:
    Multiple dildos
    an eyelash curler in a ladies bladder
    a 16 oz Dr. Pepper bottle in a ladies vagina
    Lots of stuff like carrots, potatoes, etc in the vagina or in the butt
    match box cars in the gut
    glass the the gut
    all types of small items in the gut
    A can of "Impulse" fragrance spray in the rectum
    A running dildo in the transverse colon
    A door knob in the rectum
    A large towel stuffed into a large hole in the chest of a patient with cancer
    There are more but I can't think of them now.

    Lots of tats in interesting places as well also.
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    Oh, I and did have a guy one time who was trying to get an erection. He had bought himself a hooker but he could not get it up. So he stuck a swizzle stick into his penis, trying to prop it up. Of course it went into his bladder so that did not work. The days before viagra.

    I had one guy who injected his penis with cocaine trying to get an erection, managed to necrose his penis and ended up with an amputation.
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    I've seen an x-ray of a magic 8 ball that got stuck 'past the point of no return' , yep it was sitting on a stair step and the male pt 'fell' on it. I also heard from a fellow student while in NS about a client in HH clinical that was c/o vag discharge/pain. Turns out she had a bottle cap wedged up into her cervix apparently for birth control but doesn't know how it had gotten there.
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