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I'm a psych nurse in an acute care psychiatric hospital. Nothing seems to phase me anymore when it comes to psychosis. Just when I think I've heard it all, a patient will do or say something so... Read More

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    A psych pt. insisted in keeping his ears frothy with soapsuds...ALL the time.

    His reasoning? To keep the devil and the thoughts world out. Soapsuds would not only block
    the evil but keep his thoughts pure. Yes, the soap was 99.99% pure.
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    My husband just shared a story with me while I was brushing my teeth. Guess where all the toothpaste and spit water ended up?!

    When he was in wound care rehab at the end of winter, one night he was reading late when a nurses aide came rushing into his room. She was absolutely breathless and, when she could speak again, said "I just don't
    know what to do! I have to write up my observations to give the nurse... and...she's always saying I should use
    nursing vocabulary...and...and...what do you call that wrinkly bag your balls live in?"

    He answered (as calmly as he could muster) "The scrotum."
    She: "Well, that's a weird word!"
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