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:lol2: We all have lots of stories to tell. I thought it would be fun if we shared a few of our funniest patient stories with each other. I keep remembering to a particular incident a few years back. It wasn't even my... Read More

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    Not my patient....but my grandfather. He was in LTC with dementia and he had a favorite nurse that became like family to my mother and grandmother. Grandpa loved her too, in a chaste way, or so we thought, until he asked her one day to marry him. My grandfather was past the point of being able to re-orient , so She told him, "Well, Sam, I'm Jewish. You're a lovely man, and I'm Very flattered, but I know we don't share the same faith, and I know how important that is to you." Not to be deterred, he thought a moment and said, "Yes, Mona, you're right. But I'd convert for you." My grandmother got such a kick out of it. (All names changed)
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    just this past Sunday in ALF
    a very proper, 80 some yr old male resident, "I hope supper is as good as lunch"
    me,"you enjoyed your lunch?"
    resident,"it was bitchin"
    it had me in tears
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