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At work, we carry our work phones. they basically look like cell phones but can only make calls within the hospital. They also can get calls from outside the hospital so if families want to contact the nurse we can just give them... Read More

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    One sentence :: You may want to talk to the doctor about that.

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    These two things happen to me all the time...At the hospital I work at, I sit with the safety precaution patients all day. So, whenever a nurse or doctor enters the room or switch shift they ask for ID. Whenever I go to the store I have a bad habit of carrying my ID with me; sometimes I even try to use it instead of pulling out my bank card.

    Another one is when someone call to ask me to go with them somewhere. I always go and put on my scrubs, then, when I go to put on sneakers is when I realize I have on the wrong clothes.

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