nurses dating nurses?

  1. random question, thought it would be fun since i'm a n00b to this site:

    any nurses here dating another nurse?

    if so, are you happy or finding it frustrating at times?

    if not, would you?

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  3. by   Nightingale11
    I would.....think about it all the time.
  4. by   canesdukegirl
    You know, it's funny that you asked this. I used to be married to someone who was not in the medical field. I found myself frustrated (pretty often) that he could not understand both the hardships and the victories that I had as a nurse. We eventually divorced for numerous reasons, and when I was ready to date, I went out with a man that was an EMT. It was SOOO refreshing to share my stories with him, and he TOTALLY understood where I was coming from. We dated for a few years before we got married 2 weeks ago. We had a few bumps in the road while we were dating, and after many days of soul searching when we were apart, I thought that one of the most important things to me was that he could understand my work and how important it was to me. At that point, I knew that I could never date anyone outside of the medical field. We work in the same facility now and he knows the surgeons I work with. This alone makes our bond stronger, solely because he can empathize with me, give me pointers on how to handle certain precarious situations, and give me support when I need to vent. I could never do this with someone that doesn't understand what I do in my profession. I tend to identify myself by my profession, and I needed someone who understood me and where I was coming from. It just CLICKED.

    I am personally all for it. I think it creates a special bond. You can vent, and you don't have to explain yourself. It worked for me. Just my opinion though.
  5. by   wezzie, RN
    I'd love to. I think it'd be great to able to share such a huge part of your life together. Help support each other, help each other grow. Be wonderful to have that understanding with a partner.

    Maybe there should be a forum here for single nurses to meet other single nurses.. although I'm sure women would outnumber men 10 to 1 or more .. hmmmmmm.. good to be a single male nurse..
  6. by   Nightingale11
    hahahaha is that the only plus? ]

    I think it would definitely be cool to have a single nurses forum. I hope my future husband, wherever he may be is a nurse!!
  7. by   eriksoln
    I found dating/being married to another nurse annoying as all heck. It made leaving work at work so much harder. It was nice at first to discuss this and that about our jobs, compare notes on what things were like for each other. In the end though, it made having a "day off" almost impossible.

    If one of us was off, and the other worked.......the one working (Murphy's law) would ALWAYS have a bad day and come with a severe need to vent. Which, is fine. But, when it's almost every day you have off, you get kinda tired of it. It dampens your days off, makes enjoying yourself and removing yourself from the workplace difficult.

    So, eventually, with both of us feeling this way (that our days off were not as fun), we stopped talking about work. So, the end result was we didn't feel like we could vent to each other about stuff that happened that night.

    Plus you throw in there the fact that nursing schedules tend to be so random.......if you both don't have the same weekend off, you can go FOREVER without seeing each other. Its a mojor pain. Also throw in there the fact that you both work holidays and you have a whole new set of problems. One partner's unit wants them to work T-day and have Christmas off, the other partner's unit needs them for Christmas and New Year's but not T-day blah blah. When we travel nursed, we at one point had a month and a half period where we literally had 2 (yes, TWO) common days off.
  8. by   RPN_2012
    I think it would be cool to have a single's forum on allnurses, most people would be from the states, but still, as long as it's not just for straight people...
  9. by   Hanna0225
    Just wanted to share my story... My bf and I met during Nursing school and are still together after almost 2 years... No complaints here and it's definitely refreshing being with somebody who understands the ins & outs of the profession
  10. by   RPN_2012
    interesting... I just googled "nurses dating nurses" and found out there is actually a website called "single nurse"
  11. by   rnski
    thanks for sharing your stories! keep em comin.

    i'm a nurse dating a nurse right now, we've been together for about 7 months now so it's still a pretty young relationship. he's great and it's nice to be able to understand each other profession-wise. i don't have a job yet and he does, so he tells me all his great stories about work and vents when he needs to (we're both fairly new nurses). sometimes though, i feel like he puts his degree and job over my degree and lack of a job because he graduated first and got a job before me. it's all in teasing form of course, but he does it ever so often that it makes me think that he feels like he is the better nurse. don't get me wrong, he IS a great nurse. i guess that's just my fear...competition in the workforce will be a con in our relationship once i do get a job.

    i'm sorry to hear that eriksoln, i didn't even take that into consideration! different days off and constantly venting can be tough. hopefully all is well with the two of you!
  12. by   cuteinpinkNS
    Before I started nursing school, I was married to a nurse who was a LPN at the time. We split up after he started going back to school for his RN. It was nice having a conversation about work or school, but he thought that he KNEW everything and tried to diagnose everyone. I am dating a paramedic and its nice to have conversations where people understand what you are talking about or going through. Through nursing school, I had a boyfriend who didnt understand what I was really putting myself through and that relationship didnt survive long.

    I would date a long as they didnt have this EGO that they were the "you know what"
  13. by   fawnsternurse
    I personally would love to date another nurse. I think it would be refreshing
  14. by   Bellasmommy
    I think it would be great to date someone in the same field as myself.
    That said, there aren't many guys in Nursing schools around Central Arkansas lol.

    I know it is frustrating being with someone who doesn't understand the stress and demand of the nursing field. I'm not even a graduate with a job yet, I still have two years of school left, and I've already sacrificed a social life to stay in the game.

    When I started school, my boyfriend was really supportive of my choice. It progressed to him wanting me to go out every weekend and when I said I couldn't he'd throw fits. He wouldn't turn the TV off at nights while I was trying to go to sleep until midnight or later. He'd stay out until mid morning hours and wake me up when he came in. To make matters worse he drove a truck and was gone Monday through Friday, so we rarely got time together.

    If I met the right person and we hit it off at school or when I get in the hospital setting I would definitely give it a go. We could support each other and actually understand what each other goes through on the job. But, like I said, the chances of that here are slim. So I'll keep weeding through the losers, moochers and egotistic freaks. Haha