My Nursing Career In Six Words

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    This may have been done before ; AN has been around alot longer than I have been logged into it. I thought it would be interesting to see how succinct we could be. (smilies won't count as words)

    I'll start (and may have to add others later):
    Forty years, one mistake, probationary license
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    Soooooo, maybe my example was not so humorous!

    The book this idea came from was titled "Not Exactly What I Had Planned" (6 word memoirs) Here's some examples from me to get you started:

    Six Words About Why I Chose To Be A Nurse: Too Tall To Be A Stewardess
    Six Words About How Nursing Has Changed: Remember "NO PANTSUITS!"?
    I Love Scrubs!
    Six Words I Love To Say To My Patients: "I'm Here ; It's Gonna Be Okay"
    Six Words You'll Never Have To (But Used To Have To) Say: " I'm Gonna Shave Your Scrotum Now"
    Six Words You Wish You Didn't Have To Say To Your Patient: "This 'GoLitely' Will Clear Your Bowels"

    See? C'mon now, make up your own six words!!!!
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    6 words to describe my nursing career:

    Going to start on September 12th
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    Is nursing really that hard? I am soooo scared !!!!!

    I got into HUMBER NURSING PROGRAM....After hearing really scared......... :uhoh21:
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    Quote from ANN92
    Is nursing really that hard? I am soooo scared !!!!!

    I got into HUMBER NURSING PROGRAM....After hearing really scared......... :uhoh21:
    (nursing isn't hard, it's all the B___S___ that surrounds it!)

    six words of encouragement: We Are All Bozo's On This Bus!
    Six More Words: The Water's Wet ; Jump Right In!
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    I dedicate this ones to all of my friends who aren't nurses:

    No, I don't just wipe asses

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    I just started nursing school so:

    Crazy train has left the station!
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    It will start this Teusday. Yeah!

    6 words right?
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    All the very best...
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    Still have to pass the NCLEX....

    Want to get started very soon...

    Terrified I will make a mistake...

    I am tired of nursing school...

    That's it. I can't make up anything funny today. I am too worried about passing my last semester, passing the NCLEX, and getting a job!
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