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While working in the emergency room I was taking care of a 90 year old lady who came in by wheelchair from a local rest home. Her complaint was right leg swelling and we found an obvious deformity of the femur but she denied any... Read More

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    One of the aides asked me to check on a patient. When I went into the patients room she said, "I'm feeling short of breath and I didn't even get to the passion part yet (of her romance novel.)

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    One pt (in a long term mental health facility) was complaining about the state of things and how no one loves her or appreciates her. A staff member asked her what would help. "Sex with a handsome sailor man, him on top, me on the bottom" was the immediate reply
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    when i was working in a LTC facility over the summer, one of the residents i worked with was quite the smarty...she had a IDC but would ask about every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom. so i would get her up and take her...every 15 minutes...finally i asked her why she always had to go the bathroom when she had an IDC. she told me that she had to pass gas. when i tried to explain that she could do that in her chair and no one would know, she explained to me that she "couldn't sit on the bubble"!!!!!
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    A 650 lb patient explained her obesity this way. "My Daddy had thyroids, and I do to."
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    While in the stepdown one of my patient's IV pumps started beeping & displaying a "BAG NEAR EMPTY" warning.

    My patient said, "'Bag near empy.' What does that mean?"

    I replied, "That the bag is near empty."

    We both looked at each other like the other one had 3 heads. I still chuckle when I think about that.
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    I work in a dementia facility, and one of my residents asked "How much older than me are you?" (I'm 28, she's in her eighties). I answered that I wasn't sure, but I'm 28 now, how about you? She replied that she's 13 and 28 is really old. Very cute!
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    An older guy that tends to yell at all the staff and refuses to eat and take his meds constantly... decided he likes me.. So when I feed him he eats his whole meal..except one thing...his ensure milkshake...when I told him hes "sooo close to finishing everything except his milkshake" his response was, "I dont like that shi*, it gives me the runs". I couldnt help but laugh...I said, "Yah... I dont like that either"
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    I work in an Assisted Living Facility, and was giving meds to one particularly sweet and gracious older lady. She wanted to know what pills I was giving her. She correctly ID'ed one by herself and pointed to the other one. "Now that one, I can never remember what it's for."

    It was Aricept/Donezepil! I told her that was exactly what it was for, and we both busted up laughing
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    I had a patient with only one leg who kept trying to get out of bed without his prosthesis. Found him in a heap on his mat one more time. He goes, "Before you say anything maam, I did not fall. It was a controlled landing."
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    (Nurse asking admission questions) " So what brought you in today sir?"
    (patient) " The ambulance"

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