Funny dreams about your job as a nurse

  1. I dreamed one night that I was in charge and this one lady patient we had was dying. Her dx? "Chinese Toe Disease". Anyway, I dreamed her toes all fell off and she died. I called the doctor to report it and told him her toes had all fallen off...the doctor said "There's no bringing them back when the toes go" and so I proceeded to call the funeral home. I put her toes in a baggie and ran after the hearse because the coroner had forgotten to take her toes.

    Another dream: I dreamed the 2 halls of patients we had were fighting with each other over which batteries were the best: Energizer or Duracell.

    Tell me your funny dreams!

    Blessings, Michelle
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  3. by   AmyBRN

    I thought I was the only person with weird dreams. My problem is I sleep talk and walk.

    One dream I had was my patients femoral Aline was dislodged and I was putting pressure on it to stop the bleeding, only to have a fight with my husband. He's yelling "Get off of me what are you doing?", I said still half asleep and only thinking about the 'bleeding,' "Hold still your bleeding." back and forth like that, finally he says, "Just go to sleep will you." I say "Fine, bleed out for all I care", roll over and go back to sleep.
    Another time, it was after I took Pseudophed for a cold, I fell asleep, somehow, and started feeling something like palpitations. I'm thinking, while dreaming that I'm in V-tach, and I cant 'hook' myself up to a monitor. So I'm thinking "Check a pulse." I was able to feel a pulse, so I roll over and think 'good it's not lethal v-tach.' When I woke up later thinking about the dream, I was like non-lethal v-tach??? Maybe just some SVT. Needless to say I don't take Pseudophed before I sleep anymore.
    Finally, another dream I had was of a patient pulling out their Tracheostomy, and I lunge for the patient and grab the trach and hold it in, asking for someone to help me. Again, DH says "Get off of me, your choking me." As I wake up and look at me holding my hand over his neck, holding in the trach. LOL. Poor hubby takes lots of abuse.

    I told the last one to a PA, he says, I think you need a less stressful job, gee you think??
  4. by   mondkmondk
    Ah, the trach story...I sleep like a log; I probably have sleep apnea too because I know I sleep with my mouth open, I have to keep water at my bedside because my mouth gets so dry.

    Keep the funnies coming!

    Blessings, Michelle

    P.S. One of my repeated nightmares is that I'm working alone and have to be an aide, charge nurse, and med tech all at once. Oh how I hate those!
  5. by   AmyBRN
    Another repeat dream, is that your running around taking care of your patients, only to realize that it's 200 and you didn't know you had another patient(s).
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I have had the aforementioned dream MANY times.

    A friend of mine had a dream once that our unit was on Key West...and she was passing her meds on Duval St. All the colorful characters on Duval St kept getting in her way as she was passing meds...
  7. by   gentlegiver
    I had a dream that a Code Blue was called and I was the only one who responded. The next day at work they called a Code Blue (practice tho we didn't know that when it was called) and I was the only one who responded. Scared the poop out of me! Needless to say the rest of the building got a talking to by management.
  8. by   nerdtonurse?
    I had one dream 3 days in a row that I was on the floor, alone, and had to coded a specific pt who was a full code but really, REALLY didn't need to be (more stuff wrong than right on the poor thing). By the third night, if her rhythm looked hinky at ALL, I was in the room at a run. Went off shift for 2 days, saw a co-worker at WalMart, asked about my LOL, and turned out she did code and pass....I think I shook for 5 minutes...I don't think I'm psychic or anything, I think my subconscious was just putting 2 and 2 together a little faster than my conscious mind...
  9. by   mcknis
    I once dreamt I was doing a dressing change of a persons foot and all their toes just fell off into my hand. A few weeks later one of the nurses was doing the dressing change on a foot and some toes did fall off! I also dreamt last night that I was getting yelled at by our manager and case manager that I didn't do enough diet teaching with a pt and they were readmitted to the ICU for acute heart failure. Prob will happen in just a little while, but who has time to do that much teaching and actually expect it to sink in.
  10. by   winsteadcm
    Quote from AmyBRN
    Another repeat dream, is that your running around taking care of your patients, only to realize that it's 200 and you didn't know you had another patient(s).
    gah. i'm only an assistant and i hate those dreams. i wake up freaking out because i think i've been at work for 5 hours and haven't done any vitals or anything.
    or i'll dream i'm so late i'm just running all day and can never catch up.
  11. by   mcknis
    I've also woken up in the middle of a sleep feeling the pager (not really) going off thinking there was a call-light going off. Darn pts
  12. by   winsteadcm
    i just had a dream last night. i guess from replying to this thread yesterday.
    i was at my house getting ready for work and realized i would be late. i called the charge nurse and let her know. well then my mom (who in all actuality lives in MD, as well as my sister) tells me i have to take my sister to school on my way. my sister is also out of school now, btw. so then i have to call and tell the CN i'm going to be later.
    after that a co worker shows up wanting a ride. and then starts helping my sister with some homework she hadn't finished.

    but i have weird dreams like this all the time. ridiculous stuff just keeps happening making me later and later for work lol
  13. by   Indy
    The day before the superbowl I dreamed that Tom Brady was in bed six of my little ICU, he stood up to go to the bathroom, went into v-tach, fell back on the bed, was a code, and died. Very odd.
  14. by   meintheUSA
    :chuckle ROTFLOL This is soooo funny. I can relate to the sleep talker-walker. Same here.. I am always rushing at a long term facility I once worked at. The bells are going off, residents are crying (along with ME) and I am catching heck for not getting my work done faster. Then I wake up... :imbar