Funniest/strangest dementia patient stories - page 10

I'm sure we all have them, especially those of us who have worked in LTC. Here are some of mine: -climbing into other residents' beds and taking a time we found the resident sleeping in... Read More

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    My PDN pt. was eating her lunch and watching TV; I was perusing a catalog.
    She leaned over and tapped me on the knee and said,
    "Do you realize you're reading that magazine backwards?"
    I said, "Do you realize you're eating your soup with a fork?"
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    An older female pt described their mouth to be so dry that it had a semen taste to it! ..TMI!

    A cute and cranky geriatric pt had me help remove his over-sized testicles from beneath him since "the boys have to dance!"
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    ... here's hoping someone thought to put a potty chair in that poor lady's room

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