First day in OR

  1. On my first official day in the OR, in the middle of a case, one of our ortho docs yelled "I need the Otis elevator, STAT!!" My precepting nurse said "Go grab it. It's right out in the hall" as he pretended to be busy doing something. I was running through the halls, scanning the cupboards for some ortho instrument that I never heard of, when Tim (a surgical tech) walked by and asked what I was looking for. I frantically explained that "Dr. Bozo" (not his real needed the Otis elevator, STAT!!! Very calmly, he said "It's right over here" and led me over to the main hospital elevators, just outside the OR entrance. He pointed to the the top of the elevator's doors where the elevator company's logo was displayed. I looked up and saw a small metal plaque with "OTIS" written on it. I was so embarrassed. I didn't even go back to the room (my precepting nurse was still in there...I would never abandon my patient!). Men are so dumb! Us girls in my OR never do that to the newbies!! (Well at least not as often!!)
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  3. by   NurseCard
    LOL! Oh my gosh that's funny.
  4. by   Accolay
    Once, a long time a go in another life, some of the boys sent their new guy down to get the "key" for the mechanism to fold down the ship's mast so we could go under the Bridge of the Americas in Panama. I think he eventually stopped being angry that I kept asking for "the key" back.

    Every once in a while we could send somebody down to get a part we needed. Usually the department we sent them to would also be out of fallopian tubes and they'd send them on to another department to see if it was available there.
  5. by   The Incredible Nurse
    You got pranked, laugh it off and get back there and keep on learning. Having a sense of humor will get you far in any profession, specially nursing. Next time find a witty response to get back at them.
  6. by   kiknox
    Lol -- loved this!! Thanks for sharing =) hope the day got better
  7. by   Davey Do
    I was an LPN student observing in OR. It was nearing lunchtime. The surgeon cauterized a bleeder. A puff of smoke rose from the surgical area. I got a whiff it it.