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Well, I just had to laugh at myself for this graceful moment.. I was filling out an application at a LTC/SNF, sitting in their nice little seating area in the grand dining room during lunch time.... Read More

  1. by   anon456
    This is a friend's story: in nursing school she was helping a patient to the bathroom. The patient had a BM and friend was helping her wipe. Friend's stethoscope fell into the toilet with a loud clunk and the patient remarked, "Wow that was a big one! I must had to go some more!" Stethoscope was thrown away.
  2. by   anon456
    I am laughing so hard reading some of these!

    I had to give 1/2 a packet of miralax to a patient. I tore open the packet and it spilled little round granules all over the med room floor. It was like those cartoons of people walking on marbles. Remarkably slippery. I had to call housekeeping and told her to be careful but she was slipping and sliding all over the floor while trying to sweep and mop it up.

    It's also not fun when you dropped a narcotic pill on the floor of the med room and it rolls under the Pixis. I had to call pharmacy and wait for them to come up and try to get the pill so I could get credit for wasting it.
  3. by   catladyRN
    My most recent embarrassing moment happened shortly after I got off orientation. We aren't supposed to store beds in the hall but someone left one right near the med room door. So here I come almost running out of the med room and slam my hip into the headboard of said poorly placed bed. Not only did my charge nurse come running around the corner to find me but a patients family member ran down the hall to tell me "man that looked like it really hurt". All I could say was I was tired.
  4. by   ERLaw14
    I can keep going with these. Always involving Poo! Once I was really wanting to keep track of this patient's output. So the Aide was in there with me to help clean her up because she thought she had a BM. However I didn't see nothing in the toilet. But she did wipe for stool. All the sudden on the ground I saw a Poo streak. Checked the bottom of my shoe. Told the Aide well..."Mark that she did have a a large formed BM.." As I'am staring at this log stuck on the bottom of my shoe....