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Well, I just had to laugh at myself for this graceful moment.. I was filling out an application at a LTC/SNF, sitting in their nice little seating area in the grand dining room during lunch time.... Read More

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    My first ICU job was in a converted old M/S unit with two-bed rooms. There was a little shelf on the wall in between them where the defibrillator lived (we had one in each room). One day I raised one of the electric beds and took the little shelf right off the wall....$5000 worth of electronics hit the floor.

    I dunno what it is about me and electric beds. Once in the same unit I was letting one down and unbeknownst to me there was a footstool underneath it. The bed stopped at the stool (sturdy little bugger, that stool), but the footboard (driven by its motor) kept moving up relative to the bed until it disconnected itself from the bed entirely and fell off with a crash, still tethered by its electrical cord. Then I had to figure out how to put it all back together. I did, but I always looked for footstools after that.

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    Quote from healthstar
    Awkward moment: saying postmortem care instead of postpartum care---- terrifying and so embarrassing

    This is when I went from hospice clinicals to OB clinicals while in nursing school!

    Heh. AWESOME.
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    "Then add into the equasion the fact that I wear those funny little rubber shoes and have been a recepient of the dredded "Croc Stop" on many occaions.
    You know, you are happily walking down a hall minding your own business....walk,walk, walk...STOP, trip....walk,walk,walk...turn and head down another hall and repeat." LOL!!!! This happens to me all the time.

    I worked in a psych hospital where they held mock codes by dropping a mannequin on the floor and clicking a stopwatch. These were held by two men. One day, the mannequin dropped and so did I. I'm going through all the motions and doing my thing. When one of the men said good job, I stopped and got up. I failed to realize that the 2 tampons I had in my pocket had worked their way out and onto the floor. I started walking away when one of the men tapped me on the shoulder and said "I think you dropped these." Embarrassing!

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    My most embarrassing moment was first day of first nursing job on what I thought was my dream department.
    Get a tour of the place by my preceptor. She takes me in our first patient's room. I reach to the disinfectant by the door ...and proceed to squirt myself directly in the eye.
    I let out a squeal of pain, preceptor runs out to check on me. My eye is already cherry red. I try to act like nothing is wrong, and manage to make it to lunch break, at which point I was forced to go to the ER for an eye flush.
    I was mortified...talk about first impressions...
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    Dropping a full bottle of Integrillin. Ugh...

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Everyday, haha! I am seriously clumsy, I can't count the number of times my patients have asked ME if I am okay. It's never caused any harm to the patient, usually just me!
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    I was a new CNA I was transfering a patient and somehow when he stood up his head was conveniently right between my nice pregnantly plump boobs. Once I noticed I told him I was sorry.He looked at me and gave one of those sheepish old men grins and said it was perfectly ok. Several months later after I had my baby and had been gone for a while I was working with him again, only he no longer remembered me. He cautioned me on when I help him up because one time he got up "and noticed one cheek on one breast and one cheek on another. It was the best day of my life but probably not hers." I had a hard time from laughing as I realized that I was the girl in the story he was warning me about. Good thing he had a forgetful memory and didn't know it was me!
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    Oh losing my pants was the most embarrassing due to the amount of people around.

    Personally horrifying was the night i bent over to check urine output, must have had some bad food and ripped one the whole way down on accident. Wouldnt have been so bad had a family member not been staying on a cot in the room right next to the bed. The things you dont see in a room at night....
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    Every single time I tell a patient that they don't have to turn on the light I phrase it terribly perversely. (i am do used to doing it in the dark...) (i actually do it better in the dark). Etc.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    My 2nd semester in school I was flushing a central line. I had the syringe with the 10 mL NS, and no one ever told me to pull the plunger back to pop it, so I pushed forward, away from my pt,of course, but got his wife that was sitting in the chair behind me. Oops

    Another story, last semester, in Peds, I was emptying my patients urinal and my stethoscope slipped right from my neck into the toilet full of pee!

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