Do some nurses actually consider getting plastice surgery? I DO

  1. 0 I thought about it . I know it seems pretty funny but what do you all think. I actually want a few things done. I want an ass job like nicki minaj basically to make myself look and feel good. since i have a washboard behind. Yes, It seems funny but im serious. I want a fat transfer done and maybe a skin bleaching treatment. I also thought about changing myself into a complete barbie doll. I think I'm ugly and I like looking good. It's hard after having a baby things become droopy. Ladies, you should understand.
    Any one thinking of plastic surgery and what would you get done if you had the money.. Nothing is wrong with nip tuck for me....
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    My tummy!! I have soooo much skin there that it just hangs. I had a baby, then lost a bunch of weight. It's not "if" I'm gonna do it, it's "when!"
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    Yeah, I want a tummy tuck too. I just need some research on the best plastic surgeons in indianapolis or miami florida... I wanna get more done as well definitely a butt job....
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    please make sure that the surgeon is an accredited surgeon and you have done your homework when it comes to his past work. wishing all of you the best always...aloha~
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    I want breast implants. I am overweight, but have small boobs and look oddly disproportion. After having two kids I one boob actually shierking. I might not do it, but it's nice to dream.
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    i have always said if you're going to dream "dream big" go all the way or nothing at all, needless to say, after you have gathered the proper information on the procedure that you're seeking to have done, plus several professional opinions.
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    I want a booty job and im getting it. idk what people say....
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    Quote from aongroup1990
    i want a booty job and im getting it. idk what people say....
    just do it for yourself, and never mind what someone else may think, after all it's your body
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    Oh yes. I plan on getting a boob job. Maaaaybe tummy tuck in the future. Lol. Having a baby changed my body for sure.
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    I had breast reduction when I was 22. I was so big on top & so small everywhere else that I was having upper back problems. I didn't like the way I looked either. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. The only negative outcome was that I couldn't breast feed my daughter.

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