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I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name... Read More

  1. by   ElvishDNP
    I have a really hard time restraining myself from asking my real-world friends who've just had babies about: if they had a perineal tear, if their nipples are sore, what their bleeding is like, what the baby's void/stool output is, and I may or may not have assessed a few newborns myself as hikernurse described above.
  2. by   franciscangypsy
    Since I work nights, in order to get appointments into places before they close, I have to call right after I wake up (before I'm really awake). I have had to catch myself multiple times from introducing myself as Franciscangypsy from 3E" when I pick up.
  3. by   SolaireSolstice
    I've seen this several times here, but count me in on one who has an urge to document "output" after using the restroom.
  4. by   lamazeteacher
    Eucerin is the best hand lotion I've used, and I put tubes of it in my car and every sink at home that I use, pockets, etc.
    I'd developed seeping cracks in my dry hands, which presents potential sites for incoming and outgoing microorganisms, before I found that stuff It healed those cracks overnight!
    Sorry if my post sounds like an ad, but I'm really impressed by that product, which is labelled as having "intensive healing effects".
  5. by   kacefaceRN
    I just sent in my 2010 taxes (paper version) and realized I signed them kaceface, RN. Hope the IRS needs a laugh!
  6. by   Jo Dee
    Guilty about the veins

    My husband will not let me talk about medical stuff because I get "too descriptive"

    I work in an ICU that has cameras in every room to help monitor patients as we cannot see every one of them from the desk. I have gotten very used to looking up and seeing my patients. If i transfer to another floor or at home, I find myself freaking out if I don't know what my patients, husband or dog are doing and they are not in the same room with me.

    I am a charge nurse and I have to know everything that is going on - even at home.

    I find myself compelled to stop at the scene of an accident - even if the police and paramedics are there.

    I find myself looking for gloves if i have to clean up food, shower my dog, pick up after my dog, anything to do with dirty etc...
  7. by   Mashira
    I work on an Acute Adult Psych unit that is locked.
    Today after work I caught myself trying to "unlock" the bathroom in my house.
    I then promptly freaked out when I could not find my key (already on the hook) because I thought a patient had gotten a hold of it, or I left it lying out somewhere. *shakes head*
  8. by   LaterAlligator
    I'm an aide in a dementia unit, and I have one resident that is like a grandfather; we all call him Pops, and he's so sweet. The other night after work when my husband told me goodnight, I must have been really tired, because without thinking I said "Goodnight Pops, I'll see you tomorrow"! Confused my husband, that's for sure!
  9. by   LUV ALZ
    I work with MD pt's who are all ventilator dependent and some are on pulse ox monitors at night. I have been known to be at home and wake form a dead sleep and bolt to the kitchen to answer an alarm, usually the microwave or the oven timer. I always wash my hands before and after I use the restroom. When I need something from my purse I usually start out by doing a full body pat down from the chest to my thighs because I am used to everything being in my scrub pockets. I am forever reaching for my lanyard that has my hand sanitizer on it. I answer my phone with the official company response. When the big guy gets out of the shower I find my self trying to do a quick head to toe skin assessment.
  10. by   FranEMTnurse
    I have facial hair that I often shave off. My caregiver placed some VO5 hair conditioner in my hand to rub into my hair, but without thinking, I rubbed it all over my face turning it blue. My caregiver's eyes got big and she had such a funny puzzled look on her face. That was when I realized what I did. Ha ha, I told her I was trying to condition my facial hairs.
  11. by   jeyre1847
    I sometimes take some motrin/tylenol/whatever, look at my watch, then reach for my phantom pockets to write down the time, pain rating, dose, etc.
  12. by   SnowShoeRN
    I got another one.

    The other morning (after working a hard shift overnight where we had a couple of rapid responses) I was waiting for my bus and checking the news and weather on my phone. My heart started to race when I saw "75/57."

    Omigod! Whose pressure is dropping!? Is it room 43 or room 57!?

    Until I realized it was the forecast for the high and low temperatures for the day.

  13. by   Poi Dog
    I approach elderly people and ask if they need help with anything.
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