Confess! Whats the craziest force of habit you've done in the "Real World" - page 3

I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name RN. Someone ran to aisle... Read More

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    I also hear the beeps of monitors and call bells well after I have left drives me batty.
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    Quote from NewAggieGrad09
    I also hear the beeps of monitors and call bells well after I have left drives me batty.
    HAHAHA! I forgot about that one! I used to work in PACU, and I can STILL hear those daggum monitors!
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    I inspect veins

    I holler at medical shows on TV

    I have answered my phone, "ICU, this is tvccrn, how may I help you?"

    I hear beeps in the night and wake up looking for the IV pump

    My husband has a good knowledge of medical info from listening to my nighttime ramblings
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    I HAVE answered my phone at home, "Recovery room, hello?" And I have also woken up at night and reflexively checked my husband's breathing...
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    My husband snores loudly, and has occasional sleep apnea. I'm always checking his breathing and airway. He also has amazing veins (which he let me practice IVs on when I was in school). I palpate his radial pulse when we're holding hands, which he hates. Also I can't watch medical shows with him, because I yell too much
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    I'm guilty of signing LPN on credit slips, checks & kids homework. I also tend to diagnose potential patients in the grocery store. Assessments on family members, running towards a "crash" sound thinking "darn now I have even more paperwork to do" when at home. Asking daughter when her last BM was, what it looked like and the size, also is she hydrating enough.
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    Knock on any and all doors, whether coming or going (just recently going into a stall in a public restroom)

    Wash hands before and after going to the bathroom

    Try to stick pens in shirt pocket when I'm wearing street clothes and scrawl weird things all over my chest -- or my rear end if I'm aiming for the back pocket

    Admire veins

    Write "LPN" on checks, bills, etc.

    Answer home phone with official facility greeting
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    How could I have forgotten that? Gentlegiver, I am guilty of interrogating both of my kids about the frequency, texture and quantity of their BMs!
    And Mazy, I am forever groping my left breast in shops in search of a pen that isn't there...!
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    I admire veins all the time haha.

    And, now that grocery stores have hand rub, I use it out of reflex!
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    I've been taking Tai Chi lessons, and part of it involves something called push hands, which is you and a partner... pushing hands to learn certain movements. I found myself palpating some incredible veins last week. We're talking the kind you could slam a 14 in withour a tourniquet. It was awesome. Got some very strange looks, though.

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