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Charting Bloopers - page 9

Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: "Patient vehemently denies any auditory, tactile, or old factory... Read More

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    I don't suppose this is an error but it was definitely different:

    on the results from a UA
    traces of talcum powder
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    The secretaries taking messages, more than once wrote:
    Worried about Billy Rubin.
    Yeah, He's a scary dude...
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    From a radiology order form: "CXR r/o Aplat's pneumonia"

    Should have read: "CXR AP/LAT r/o pneumonia"....we only figured this out after trying to look up "Aplat's pneumonia" in several radiology texts and reference manuals.
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    ".....Problems stemming from being an illegitimate child, due to the social MORAYS of the time..........." They really used to bite!
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    Here's one I saw today.
    "Minor is 18 years old"
    This was the probation depts way of letting me know a change occured.....Thanx,need to know!
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    The most recent funny charting transcription error I've come across was regarding Home O2.
    The first one I read said "patient is on homo too"...The secomd one read"patient is a homo too". Wonder what the person who transcribed that dictation thought that was all about??LOL Esp since the rest of the dictation referred to the pts resp status!
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    Had a Doc at LTC who hated regulations and was a constant battle to get him to write dx for each med he ordered. After several requests he wrote dx for MOM order: can't sh**. Had to leave it on the chart....I'm sure surveyors saw it, but never said a word.
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    Not sure I'd call that a blooper. It was intentional and aimed at you. So rude and nasty yes... accidental no.:angryfire
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    I review medical records all day and have come across some really wierd ones.

    "from both flebitis" (thrombophlebitis?)
    "very close veins" (varicose?)
    "patient is matching his eyes and his nose" (I's & O's?)
    " no evidence of libido on lower extremities" (livido?)
    "paralyzed with the neck team" (Anectine?)
    "ptosis given @ 2 mu for induction of labor" (Pitocin?)
    But I guess my all time favorite is "two lane hospital" (Tulane)
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    I think it's posted elsewhere on this site: the physician couldn't think of the correct name for the incentive spirometer, so he wrote: suck balls QID!
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    I've still seen thick, white drainage as ***** more than once. As a matter of fact just three days ago! What drove me crazy was that I was sitting there trying to think of the alternate term and could not remember "purulent". That Alzheimer's thing again!
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    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    I think it's posted elsewhere on this site: the physician couldn't think of the correct name for the incentive spirometer, so he wrote: suck balls QID!
    did you carry out this order?
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    No, no, the PATIENT was to carry out the order! Would have been an interesting sight to see.....

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