Anyone else not like Combat Hospital

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    Did anyone else just think that this tv show was completely unrealistic? Did anyone find it frustrating to watch?
    I know I'm nit picking so you can blast me if you loved the show... There were just some major things that bugged me. The slow chest compressions, the turn around time for patients, the untreated tankin bp...the list could go on..
    I usually love hospital tv shows but not this one.
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    I saw the show was on but didn't bother to watch it -- but I will say, after decades of watching various medical/hospital TV series, that they're all "completely unrealistic." They are designed to be entertainment and, if you watch them looking for "realism," you're bound to be disappointed.

    I'm sure that cops feel the same about cop shows, lawyers about legal shows, etc., etc., etc.
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    I thought it was kind of fun, but the weak sauce chest compressions drove me crazy.
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    I'm willing to give it a few episodes, mostly b/c I've liked Elias Koteas since he was Casey Jones. (Dating myself a little, aren't I?)

    I was watching with my 12 yo and his friend, who both also thought the CPR scene was "bogus". My son: "Aren't they supposed to be hard and fast? And aren't you supposed to sing 'Another One Bites the Dust', not count by seconds?" His friend: "Doesn't a code last longer than that?"

    I had no idea until that comment was made and I started asking how he knew that that I worked for years with his Grandma and Aunt, who are both nurses.

    Point being that if two pre-teens notice the obvious discrepancies, albeit kids who have nurses as close relatives, someone at the show dropped the ball.
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    Quote from mama_d
    I'm willing to give it a few episodes, mostly b/c I've liked Elias Koteas since he was Casey Jones. (Dating myself a little, aren't I?).
    That's exactly the reason I watched it
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    I watched one episode and decided to go back to reruns of MASH on cable.
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    I finally watched it. It just ****** me off. My CSH and deployments were not like that!!!
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    I didn't watch it... I respect the military and what they do immensely but somehow this seems like a bad time for this. M*A*S*H was a fluke hit, and was a bottom of the barrel program for a while. Now it's a classic (and I love it, too).... but the timing on that was different. VietNam had only recently ended, and Korea had been over for a while. There's just too much that's still current w/this- IMHO....but as I said, I didn't watch it- the idea turned me off.

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