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A Really Weird Thing Happened at Work the Other Day!

  1. 0 I work 12 hour nights at a small rural hospital. They contract with a local security company for their hospital "security guards". Every now and then we have a confused or agitated patient that requires a personal sitter to keep them from harming themselves and others. If no extra nursing staff is available, then a "guard" will come to sit in their room with them.

    A few weeks ago, we had a doozy: 60 year old guy with mental status changes; wife wanted him committed, history of domestic assault, ETOH abuse...He kept trying to leave, became aggressive at times. So we had a guard sitting with them. He was quite pleasant with them and seemed to enjoy their company. Fast forward to 2 nights ago, we had a 70-ish man that had fallen, landing on his face. Multiple fractures, VERY disoriented, pulling out IV's, foley, getting out of his restraints...like Houdini on crack! So he had a guard sitter. I thought that this particular guard looked familiar, but I was so busy running around that I didn't really give it much thought....until my CNA said "Hey, doesn't that guard look like that patient we had a few weeks ago?" OMG!!:uhoh21: Come to find out, this previous patient had liked the security guards that sat with him, so when he was discharged from the hospital, he went and got a job with them!!!! He made the comment to the CNA that when he got confused again, he could just guard HIMSELF

    Another classic moment in hospital nursing!!!!!
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    That is CLASSIC.
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    Ya know what is funny....you cannot make this stuff up...only ONLY in medicine does stuff CONSISTENTLY occur....

    I guess the next funniest thing is if he would have went out and enrolled in nursing school..............

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    Well...at least he wasn't the MD making rounds!:roll:roll:roll
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    Quote from PedsRN1991
    Well...at least he wasn't the MD making rounds!:roll:roll:roll
    (you mean) YET!

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