Would you take a job if you knew the floor had a high nurse turnover?

  1. Now, I haven't even interviewed for this job, but I was told by someone in HR that one of the floors in the hospital (HCA) was accepting new grads at the current moment. The thing is, he told me, that they have a high nurse turnover, especially the new grads who are coming fresh off orientation and can't handle the patient load. It is an intermediate care floor with a mix of some Cardiac and Neuro ICU patients. He said he could send my info over to the manager once I get my GN permit, but I'm not sure. Would you take on something like that, thinking you could tackle it and gain a lot of experience or keep looking to find somewhere that might not be so fretful? I wouldn't mind working at this hospital, but not if the circumstances are that dire.
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  3. by   GleeGum
    No, likely not.
  4. by   Wolf at the Door
    Depends on how hungry I was for food. If my stomach was growling yep I would. 
  5. by   SHGR
    Yes, I would have taken it. I did take the first job I was offered, when I graduated and there were few jobs. Definitely not my first choice of work. I was able to transfer to the desired area after three months of the hire.

    Shadow before accepting anything. There are a lot of reasons an area can have "high turnover."
  6. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    If I were a new grad, I'd take any job that came my way (3 years ago, I was... and I did).

    Right now - and going forward - I'd be studying many hours every day to learn, learn, learn... buy topic books and master them.

    The reality is that you're likely in no position to be selective.

    They may have a high turnover but I'm sure (a) it's not 100%, and (b) some of those folks left for better jobs.

    Get any job you can because without experience, you're a dime-a-dozen new grad.
  7. by   citylights89
    I know the school someone graduate's from sometimes doesn't matter when getting a job, but do you think it plays a role in how some people can handle a job such as this one? Or is that all internally decided by the motivation/skills/personality/etc. of the person?
  8. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    The latter, I believe.