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I would like to get an idea of whats happening with new grads across the country. Where are new grads actually being hired? What are the stats on the new grad programs (how many apply for how many postions, etc.) Please share... Read More

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    It's largely about personal contact. How can one possibly stand out by doing the online application process or blindly emailing resumes? Persist with meeting people, calling people. Walk on to the unit. Smile, be confident yet humble. The market IS tough, there is no doubt about it, but you are far more likely to get a job by reaching out in a personal way.

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    It is also has to do with budget, politics of the particular organization, needs of the population served and an over-saturated job market..... just to name a few variables.*

    Personality absolutely matters. However, in this economy having connections and sheer luck seem to really help.*Unfortunately if you're an individual who was recognized for outstanding accademic and clinical performance (with strong references), great communication skills , possess valuable non-nursing experience, persistence and great character....... then you are S.O.O.L.*

    I've been fortunate enough to speak with a few nurse recruiters and nurse managers. After several interviews/ meetings I was so grateful I received feedback..... a few had even flat out told me I was sure to land a position at their facility. Awesome right?

    Sad to say that these same facilities... and others have flaked the DAY BEFORE an interview. Especially frustrating when I have scheduled/ set time aside for these meetings a week in advance..... I keep hearing the same thing ...... "NOT HIRING, BUGET REVIEW, NO NEW GRADS, NEED EXPERIENCE." This market has been crazy!!

    Almost forgot...... Hospitals in Nebraska and Florida *have been more responsive lately.
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    My experience being hired in a tiny hospital in a rural area was not easy to say the least. Being away from home and having to commute 7 hs each way, being in a strange place, away from wife and kids, and having to adapt to a strange culture of a 500 pop town was not a easy gig, not including going through the snowy fall to your death icy ravines I had to endure. 4 mo is all I lasted. Some folks might have a better experience I suppose. No sign of relief 4 NG.
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    Which hospitals??
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    This thread is great. I graduate next spring, and I'll move for a job. Keep the tips coming..
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    Southern California is a great place for New Grads right now. Versant programs are abundant as well. A couple of tips for new grads...

    - Make sure to take notes of the New Grad programs in the hospital you wish to apply (Fall recruitment will start this month for some of the bigger hospitals). Gather all the documents you might need for your applications such as transcripts and letters of recommendations.

    - They don't accept New Grads? Don't get discourage and still apply! If they don't read your resume... oh well... but if they do then that's another hospital for you to explore.

    - Have a great resume. Invest if you must! Find someone to write it for you. Someone who knows how to do a resume that will get you directly in interviews.

    - Explore every facet... even craigslist. No experience is too little. Practice your license but keep on searching.
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    [QUOTE="Nurse_;7509343"]Southern California is a great place for New Grads right now. Versant programs are abundant as well. A couple of tips for new grads...

    That was a joke right? With 1000-2000 people applying for each of the new grad programs, SoCal is NOT a great place for new grads. I tried for a year before I moved across the country for a hospital job.
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    Just graduated and getting ready to take the NCLEX. Keep the advice coming.

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