Two job offers, which one to choose?

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    Hello everyone,

    Gosh, it seems like forever since I've graduated and have been on the job search. I graduated last year, May 2012 and have been unable to find an RN position since. Well, now I have multiple offers and I am unsure which route to go...

    One offer is local, school nursing position. However, it is a temp position with the possibility of continued employment the next school year depending on how I do. Even if it becomes a permanent position, it is still a contracted 10 month employee. Summers off, no pay. This position also doesn't qualify for my service contract with a scholarship I received that paid for nursing school.

    Second job offer is 5 hours away. New graduate program in the ED. My DREAM come true! It is a very rural area. I would have to move. This position will qualify for my service contract. I do not know the pay, etc.

    I currently work in an Urgent Care with a great hospital system but can't transfer into an RN position there because there is no new grad program this year. I don't see any plans of that in the near future as well. I am torn in between the two.

    ...sigh...After months of rejection and disappointment...I've finally received an offer, not one but two! It is like a DREAM but I don't know what to do. If I don't complete the service agreement I would have to pay back over 150K + interest.


    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Fulfill your contract; you will not be sorry. ~Chinese proverb
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    I agree with the above poster. 150k wow... I would move if that meant not paying that back!
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    Move, get good experience and service your contract.
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    Move! Sometimes you gotta do big changes to chase your dreams!
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    I don't see a choice. Move. Should not owe 150k - that is insurmountable debt. And the position is much better IMO. Good luck!!!
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    Consider three very important facts:

    1. You knew (or should have known) when you signed the service agreement that the time would come where you'd have to honor your end of of the agreement. So it's not as though you were blindsided by this...but went in willingly and fully aware of the ramifications.

    2. $150K is a LOT of debt to be saddled with for anyone.

    3. New grad jobs are few and far between. These may be the only two offers that you get...and employers know that there's tons of new grads that would kill for either one of them, so if you turn them down there might not be another offer from them.

    Fortunately for you, job #2 IS your dream job...but even it weren't your dream job, IMO you should still suck it up and take it over the other one. Yes, moving will be a hassle, but no one says it has to forever. And once you fulfill your agreement you'd be free to do and go where you'd like, with no broken agreement to explain or large debt hanging over your head.

    Best of luck whatever you decide!
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    You may be able to move back sooner than you think once you start getting some experience under your belt. You may later get a job closer to where you want to be that still meets your service requirements.

    I would not break my service commitment if I was offered a job that fulfilled it.
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    Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. I slept on it this weekend and I have decided to move! Thank you again for all your advice.



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