Temp agencies and physically going up to floors. Temp agencies and physically going up to floors. | allnurses

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Temp agencies and physically going up to floors.

  1. 0 I live in an extremely saturated area, the SF Bay Area. I am thinking of joining a temp agency or something like it to aid in the job search. I've found it can take me a few hours to apply to just one opening because I like to tailor the cover letter and resume to the job posting, but it has hampered the amount of applications I can complete. Are temp agencies for new grads worth it?

    Also, is there any point in such a saturated market to just go to a hospital and drop by the unit to speak with the manager cold? I have heard it can be a good idea and I may start doing it.

    Another problem I have is that the CA BON is having a really bad time giving ATT's and I have not received mine 2 months after graduation. Calling the BON is like pulling teeth and I can never get through. Will not having a license prove to be a problem when going up to units to speak with nurse managers?
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    I've also applied to out of state jobs and will call back to follow up and attempt to speak with the unit manager through HR.
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    Hard to believe that they are taking so long with ATTs... that's just awful. They're making a difficult situation even worse.

    The transition from student to competent, practicing nurse would be very difficult to achieve in a temp job. Companies that use these services expect the 'temp' to hit the ground running. So, any training would have to be provided by the temp agency & I have never heard of any agencies that offer this.

    Seems like you are doing everything you can. I wish you all the best of luck & hope things turn around very soon.