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Hey all! Looking for some advice. I have two job offers in New Mexico on Med/Surg floors. I think this would be a great place to start my career however, I want to be in CA where my family is. However, the job market is tough... Read More

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    hahahaha, all kidding aside, but I think there is some truth in that! It seems to be all about luck of the draw Thanks for your advice!
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    Quote from Finna22
    A second question.... about how long is it expectable to transfer to another hospital? I have heard as early as 6 months, but it seems like a year is about the norm. Is six months even doable? Thoughts?
    I'd would say at least 1 year. You want to be able to show that you're a nurse with experience that does not require further training in your specialty area. Also, it will show your new employer that you could hold down a job for a year.

    When I relocated from Nevada, my new employer categorizes anyone without a full year of experience as a new grad as far as pay goes. So having a year under my belt allowed me to be hired on at the next pay grade above a new grad.
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