RN graduate / PLZ HELP!!!

  1. 0 Hello to all RNs and/or future RNs,

    I am a new RN graduate passed the boards last MAY 2011, have a previous BS in Health Care Administration with experience in managed care. I have applied almost everywhere, I am still jobless and very agitated at this point. Any advice, hints and directions as to how to land that first job (any floor!) would greatly and sincerely be appreciated! Best of luck to all the new grads out there!
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    I would get out and pound the pavement with resumes in hand. Seems like new grad programs are few and far between at the hospitals. Did your school not mention this at all?
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    What kind of places have you applied to?
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    I was told to try to get experience any way you can i. e

    Try some flu clinics, home health agencies, etc At least it will look as if you are doing something and you may make valuable contacts. Worse case scenario, you will honestly be able to say that you have 6mths experience so you can by pass the resume filter.

    Take some certifications i.e
    IV Therapy

    These give u an edge over a similarily qualified RN in your predicament.

    Best of luck!
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    I agree with the flu clinics! That was my first nursing job! You should google Immunizations Clinics! They always need nurses and then you can put it on your resume!!
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    There is great advice in here! Thanks NewgoalRN and Pat2012.

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