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Preparation for post grad job?

  1. 0 I will be graduating from an ADN program next year and I am starting to think about the best way to gain experience to get a nursing job after graduation. I have two ideas in mind and I am looking for some advice as to what may be the best option.

    I have been working as an RP (responsible person) for two years now at a level four rest home. My duties include passing meds, dealing with emergencies, documentation, transcribing orders, revising the MARs, and dealing with the MDs and the pharmacy. However I have been thinking of leaving this place come summer as applying for a CNA or unit secretary position at a hospital to get my foot in the door. So my question is: which looks better? Which would help get a leg up? I can see how longevity at a single job looks good, especially since I have experience dealing with things that CNAs don't get to do and most nursing students don't get to do before licensure. However, I know hospital jobs are tough to get and working as a CNA etc prior can help come graduation. Thoughts?? Thanks!
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    In my opinion, stay where u are. It is highly unlikely that u will be hired as a CNA anywhere especially if u are an ADN grad. They don't want to hire us because they know we're only there until we find the RN position. The responsibilities u have at ur present job will look great on ur resume. Use them to ur advantage. Good luck!
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    I agree with the above poster! The job you have sounds great experience wise and will definately give you a leg up!
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    If you want to work in a hospital, look for nurse extern jobs.
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    This may sound stupid, but what is a nurse externship?
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    I was a nurse extern, where I worked it was a glorified Nurse Assistant. Only difference was you got paid more and if you ask if you could do something, ie blood draw, change central line, learn vent stuff... they would be more likely to let you because you were in nursing school. You will learn that most nurses love to teach people who are in school and find it flattering if you ask them to help you, but there are exceptions lol

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