Not sure what to do

  1. I am a New Grad LPN,I passed my NCLEX(GO ME),that is not the problem though.

    The problem for me is this,I have a bad job record,I have quit jobs without giving 2 weeks notice,numerous times,I am not like that anymore,I finally came to the realization that I have to be able to survive and quitting job after job is not the best answer.

    I want to make myself a nice resume,but I am not sure as to what to put on it as far as work history goes,and also what to say if and when I get an interview about my work history.I seriously think I am in a hole that I cannot dig myself out of,I feel like there is no hope,nursing license or not!Depressing!!!!!!!

    Not only do I have a bad work record(I never got into trouble at work,thought I would throw that in there),But there are no jobs for new nurses,LPN's that is,tons for RN's.Nobody wants to hire a new grad,we have no experience,so they don't want us(Me).

    I wanted to go back to school for my RN,but I need to work so bad,I have been penniless for sometime now and really don't know what to do!

    Any suggestions???
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello and welcome to the site. I moved your thread to Nursing First Job Hunt Assistance forum for more response.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Davey Do
    I admire your honesty and insight, lpngirl. And, to a certain point, I can identify with you.

    Here's my suggestions which stem from my experience: I started my Nursing career as an LPN and worked at a LTC Facility as an Aid until an opening for an LPN came up, which wasn't long.

    On Resumes or Employment Applications when I left my Prior Places of Employment for Unsavory Reasons, I would not "for personal reasons". I have been asked Point Blank as to the reason why I left a Place of Employment after being terminated and answered, "It was a consensual agreemet". I have also heard that Some say "To pursue other Ecomonic Opportunities (like Unemployment Benefits)".

    The best response I gave occurred when I was being interviewed at a Nursing Fair by the Director of the Psych side of a Medical Center. She asked, "Why did you leave your last job?" I replied, "I was fired." She then asked me, "When can you come and tour our Facility? Tomorrow's no good. How about the next day?"

    I ended up touring the Facility and have worked here for the past 9 out of 29 years of ny Nursing Career.

    Good luck to you, lpngirl.

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  5. by   Esme12
    Well, new RN grads are having trouble finding work as well. Reguardless of what the news says about lower unemployment rates it's bull. There may be ads for RN's but they require experience and that's if there is no hiring freeze. Even though your resume may not be can explain it like Davey Do says and maybe also that your were looking for the "right fit so you could go to school and persue your dream". Keep looking and applying. Keep your chin up!! Good Luck!!!
  6. by   shamrokks
    I'm job hunting as well. It's not easy and by nature I'm not that aggressive but it seems like you need to be. I apply to everything I can. I've had 2 interviews this week and I'm praying one of them comes through but if not I'm going to keep praying, keep applying and I know that the best one for me will come. Good luck and keep your chin up.
  7. by   JourneyRN
    I agree with the previous responses about either being truly honest and how you have learned from that or saying that you wanted to further your education so you left. Also, use a functional resume. Focus on your strengths and traits--like the ability to learn from past mistakes!