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I graduated December 2010, obtained my license in February 2011, and looked for jobs for over 1 year. I must have submitted far over 100 applications to new graduate RN programs and far over 300 to... Read More

  1. by   Robin, RN
    Hello, I graduated with my BSN in May of 2011 and then passed my PA state boards. It is now Feb. 2012 and unfortunately I am still unemployed. I am beginning to lose hope
  2. by   nettypo
    Thnks everyone...i have some medical background...i have been in the medical setting since 93...i havd my cna, emt-basic and I have my certified medication aide that I need to take a refresher course to renew...i havent been working for 1 yr and a half...
  3. by   lefty19
    Congrats! Thanks for posting about your success! It gives me hope in this long job search! I guess I'll keep on applying and looking at each interview as an experience to fine tune my interviewing skills.
  4. by   maria25
    Quote from Robin, RN
    Hello, I graduated with my BSN in May of 2011 and then passed my PA state boards. It is now Feb. 2012 and unfortunately I am still unemployed. I am beginning to lose hope
    Robin, don't get too discouraged! I also graduated in May, took NCLEX in July and had ONE interview in 2011 that did not result in an offer. However, in the last 2 weeks, I have had phone interviews with three recruiters leading to 2 face-to-face interviews and shadowing experiences and I'm anticipating an offer for at least one of the positions, if not both. I know it sucks waiting, but things will eventually fall in place. I was getting very discouraged until I got that first phone call last I feel like I haven't stopped running all week long with interviewing/shadowing.

    I hope your offer is just around the corner!
  5. by   nettypo
    Ok I passed the NCLEX, now im really looking for a job...i got 2 good is a sustitute nurse for my youngest school district and the other at Texana where my oldest goes to for home supportive services...anyway I will continue to put in applications and follow up on the others
  6. by   nursejaneRN
    rcv88 While I was looking for work I was focusing primarily on obtaining additional certifications and figuring out ways to make ends meet to pay the bills. I heard about many individuals doing volunteer work, but this just didn't fit my schedule so I was unable. I did go to many job fairs, called all the HRs, wandered around the web for openings, joined various job search organizations, and I jumped up and applied for any opportunity that I could try for. The market is tough, but if you persevere the job will come.

    Robin, RN Don't lose hope!! I know it's easier said than done, but I honestly do believe it. The struggle makes the success that much sweeter. You've worked so hard to get to where you are - don't let the situation steer you away from your passion!

    maria25 Looking at your current shadowing endeavor, it seems the offer is right around the corner Best of luck to you!

    nettypo Congrats on passing NCLEX, that's a huge accomplishment in itself! & I'm sure your medical background will make getting a job far easier for you. Good luck with your prospects!!
  7. by   Robin, RN
    @ maria25 and nursejaneRN Thanks a lot for the encouraging words. I needed to hear that
  8. by   lmhendersonrn
    Thank You!!!
  9. by   nettypo
    Thnks nursejaneRN
  10. by   Rags2Riches RN
    Quote from robin, rn
    hello, i graduated with my bsn in may of 2011 and then passed my pa state boards. it is now feb. 2012 and unfortunately i am still unemployed. i am beginning to lose hope
    don't lose hope, you will find something. can you relocate? upmc in pittsburgh hires new grads and they run a lot of different facilities including a psych center.
  11. by   nettypo
    Thnks but I cant relocate...i just got my youngest in an Autism program...
  12. by   Robin, RN
    After searching for like forever, I was finally offered a position in a hospital of my choice. I am very grateful and I can finally begin my nursing career. Thank you all for the encouraging words. And for those who are still in search of employment, please don't give up because our opportunity will be granted soon.
  13. by   Newgrad_STAT
    Love that post.
    I have also been a "new" grad for a long time. About 8+ months.
    I've been on 5 interviews. I've recently landed a casual position within a nice LTC and have received a call back from a full-time position at an awesome hospital that is 15 mins from my house (just trying to get back into contact with them)
    I believe everything happens for a reason- what's meant to be will!

    I always thought of myself as a "poor" interviewer.... nerves and the fact that I stutter. There would be SOO many things I would want to say during an interview and it just wouldn't translate that way.
    I felt like everyone around me was landing jobs- no one was "friends" anymore. No matter how much you helped someone in school... don't even think about asking them for help now.
    I just felt like a had a million things against me and I couldn't catch a break.

    I went on this last interview on Wednesday (at a hospital I dream of working at)... and let alone the position is F/T. I claimed this... this is MINE... I'm ready for it and I prayed about it so hard.
    The felt the interview went well- I challenged him with some questions.. I gave him my references and he gave me his card.
    I followed up with a Thank You email. He informed me during the interview he would only inform the successful person by the end of the week.
    On friday I had a voice message from him asking me to call him... he also replied back to my email - asking again to call him. I am HOPING with everything the call is saying I got the position.... Seriously I will cry like there is no tomorrow.

    They wouldn't leave a voice message saying you got the position right? they'd rather speak to you? ahhh I'm trying not to get my hopes up but please God let this be mine

    Anyways, I called him back and left a message... but I hope this doesn't become a game of tag with it being a long weekend and I heard word he might be on vacation next week :S

    (sorry that turned out to be a lot longer than expected)