New Grad Interview Good or Bad signs?

  1. Hi all,

    I graduated BSN, in Decemebr took my NCLEX in March and started looking for jobs in the begining of April. I have been applying nonstop and last Friday I just about gave up Washington state because I never even got so much as a call back from any job I applied to...until yesturday, I got a call from a blood center for an RN/phlebotomist position I applied for a month ago. The interviewer set up an interview for today at 8AM.

    I showed up early and it lasted 30 minutes. I was offered coffee/juice before and after the interview but I declined (maybe I should have accepted after the second offer...) He seemed to like me and the interview went smoothly. He told me the salary 26/hr and benefits, and he said I would be full time. He asked when I could start...I said as soon as possible. He also asked if I have any job offers at this time, I told him no but I had some prospects. He also told me there would be a background check and if there would be any problem with that. I said no, he looked me striaght in the eyes when asking. I did not flinch at all (I thank God I have a clean record and no criminal history).

    He said if I get an offer I will recieve a call and if I don't I will recieve a letter in the mail. I did not get a definite job offer after the interview.

    I am wondering if this is a bad sign that I did not get the job. He told me in the begining of the interview that there are a lot of applicants... Do you think if I had got the job he would have let me know? Or is this a sign I likey did not get the job?

    Feel free to share your good and bad experiences in interviews.

    Thanks so much.
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  3. by   Esme12
    I don't talk about prospect or offers i=untio I have an offer if I am negotiating salary. I am sure this blood draw/phlebotomy position becomes vacant a lot as the new grads taking it end up leaving when they get a hospital offer. Sounds like you did a good job! Good Luck!!
  4. by   kima84

    thanky ou. I hope I get the job. I was a bit hesitant at first because it was a blood center and my nursing skills may not be used but he told me that the nurses here can eventually goto the hospital in their other sector to give blood and tissue products to patients who need them. I was a little surprised at the payrate. I was expecting less, was happy it was a dollar over what I expected.

    I plan on going to graduate school next year so this job may be a good fit since it will be low stress.
  5. by   not.done.yet
    HOnestly it all sounds very neutral to me. Given that they took a month to call you, I would expect them to be slow in the entire hiring process.
  6. by   kima84

    I have the same feeling. I only wish I had remembered to ask when I should expect to hear back from them.

    Do you think it woud be okay to give a call tomarrow to ask when I should be expecting to hear back from them or does that seem too pushy? Cnsidering he said he will call if they are going to hire.I don't want to blow my chances of being considered for the position.

    On the other hand I have been getting calls from recruiters out of state in rural hospitals that are interested in me applying for them. I have a feeling applying to these places out of state will be a fast process. I applied for a job in Alaska on a fluke last Friday and recieved a call and phone interview on Monday.

    I want to hold out to see if I can get a position in washington before making a big move...but I am getting tired of waiting for interviews.
  7. by   KelRN215
    I have never known a new grad to get hired on the spot. It is perfectly normal for an employer to tell an interviewee during the interview that they can expect a call in x amount of days. Most nursing positions require background checks so they often have to wait for this to come back before they can officially offer you a job.
  8. by   not.done.yet
    I would wait at least 48 hours before calling back but I would go ahead and drop a thank you note into the mail immediately.

    Pursue all your options at this point. There's no reason not to and if you wind up with multiple offers you can post one of those enviable threads here about how to choose which job.
  9. by   purplechicxiii
    I agree with the other posters. But I also suggest to follow it up w/ them, a call(and try to look for the one who interviewed you) or an email maybe - this is just what I did with mine and luckily, I got the offer. I have a cousin who's also an HR, she said that they like those applicants who follow up their applications, it shows how eager and enthusiastic they are for the post. Good luck!
  10. by   kima84
    I will keep looking for jobs. I am mostly getting responses for rural med/surg, ICU, and ER positions out of state. I will follow up on those and keep applying in Washington state.

    I want to send a thank you note but not sure how. I don't have my interviewer's email but I have his phone number and I know his last name. I did not see a plaque on his desk during the interivew. But we has a conversation about how both our last names are unusual so thats how I remembered.
  11. by   kima84
    Hi purplechicxiii,

    I want to do a follow up today, I don't have my interviewrs' email but I have his number. It has been 24hours so i will give him a call today and to say thank you and I would like to work for them.

    thank you.
  12. by   purplechicxiii
    Quote from kima84
    Hi purplechicxiii,

    I want to do a follow up today, I don't have my interviewrs' email but I have his number. It has been 24hours so i will give him a call today and to say thank you and I would like to work for them.

    thank you.
    I hope you will get the job!! Best of luck!
  13. by   kima84
    Thank you, I hope so, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  14. by   traumaRUs
    Moved to New Grad First Job Assistance forum. Good luck.