Just went on my first interview! What are the 'good' signs...

  1. 1 Hi guys! I am a new-grad LPN and I just went on my first interview. It is at a SNF, the lady loved me she introduced me to her DON and she said she wanted to start a background check on my immediately and wants to start orientation on Monday so she said she is pushing it. When I was about to leave she said I WILL be calling you. After I got home a few hours passed and she called said i forgot to sign a paper, so I came back signed the paper and she saw me she was like YAY you came back!

    I'm getting nothing but good vibes right now!

    Questions are... How long does it usually take for them to call you back & if I dont hear from anyone how soon should I call them?
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    Sounds like you got the job. Havn't had my first nursing interview yet, but I have had many other interviews and everytime I head had that similar experience, I got the job. Depends on when they are done doing interviews, but I have 5 bucks that says you will hear back by the end of this week.
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    Thanks! Haven't heard anything yet. Keeping my fingers crossed!
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    I got the job!
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    I hope you got the job!

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