If I could get into any unit at a hospital for a first job

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    What would be a good choice for my first nursing job?

    I talked to someone at a local hospital, and they were very impressed with my resume/grades. They told me I could probably get into any unit thats not an icu/critical care/pacu and would get me an interview on a unit of my choosing

    MOST of my classmates ended up on med surge floors and I havent talked to many who love it. So im trying to put a lot of thought into it, and really want to end up somewhere where I love the unit.

    Obviously I think the most important factor to enjoying a unit is the people/conditions you work with (which it would be almost impossible to REALLY know without working there), so just figured id ask for some input on here

    Thanks !

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    cardiac observation or cardiovascular step down
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    what was your favorite place when you did clinicals? what were you strongest in in Theory? What floats your boat in nursing? Personally if I had an open book, I would want to go where I felt the strongest so I could have a confident start
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