how to choose job offer, how to back out on your least option. how to choose job offer, how to back out on your least option. | allnurses

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how to choose job offer, how to back out on your least option.

  1. 0 HI all. I just moved here in the United States and I just have started my job search. So far I had applied to so many with only few feedbacks. And I need opinions with regards to making decisions since I'm just new here and I have no idea what to expect..

    Facility A took my resume and said she would talk to her administrator and will call tom for the interview. They offer a full time job with 23/hr. While in Facility B, I had a chance to be interviewed on the spot with the DON and asked me if I'm interested in a part time position. And I answered "yes" since I'm jobless and I think I'm not in the position to be choosy with this type of job market.. SO she told me I have to undergo a criminal background screening and when its done they will call me to talk about the rate and when should I have my orientation... Its basically like a 3 to 4 day wait. They actually started to file for the background check right away. So my question is, what if I got interviewed and hired with FACILITY A, is it okay for me to just tell FACILITY B that I wont be able to get the job anymore? And how will say that? What I'm scared about is, I told FACILITY B I'm still interested with the position regardless of it being just part time (like 2 days a week), so I'm not sure how to tell them that I will be choosing a Full time offer job with other facility over them? I know nothing is definite yet with FACILITY A but I just wanted to know what to do, just in case. I need help guys. Please. Thanks.
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    I'm going through the same situation. I just accepted a PT job today thats in retail just until I get my nursing job which I'm prayinggg it will be tomorrow because I have an interview. I accepted the retail position because its better than nothing. If A works better for you than B go for it. It should be understandable you have to do whats best for you. If you aren't signing a contract I wouldn't worry about it. Good luck!! It will all work out in the end.
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    Thank you QuanaBSN. I havent signed any contract (as far as I know). All I did signed is an application forms and consent to do a criminal background check. Well I do hope we all get our dream jobs in the future. Good luck to you too!
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    Yes take the job A, just let Facility B know that your are grateful for the offer but have been offered something that suits you better , don't burn any bridges keep it honest and they will understand.. good luck
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    Thanks, Cb1985!