How long can it take to hear back from an employer?

  1. 0 How long does it usually take for someone to hear back from a nurse recruiter for a job after applying? After a few weeks of not hearing anything should I just give up on them?
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    If you haven't heard anything within a week of applying, you should be contacting them asking them what the status of your application is. For all you know, there was a technical problem and they never received your application. Making sure they received it is a "nice" way to establish contact and get a little of their attention. While you have their attention, ask them what their timetable is so that you can know when to expect their next communication.

    Whenever you have contact with someone filling a job ... always end the conversation with a plan for your next communication. Clarify what the next step is and when you can expect to hear from them. That keeps the conversation open -- or forces them to tell you that the process is finished and they won't be contacting you further.

    Good luck to you.
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    Many never reply at all, so after a few weeks, either follow up yourself or cross them off your list. It is a fair assumption that they have no interest in you.
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    Thanks so much to both of you for your replies. I haven't applied for a job in over 10 years and just started applying as a new grad at the end of September. I will probably call a few places to follow up. Thanks for the advice!!! It is so frustrating out there!
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    I would call to follow up. Bug them at least once. They owed you a response. And you need to know when you can stop looking for an answer from that particular employer.
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    The hospitals that hired me, all called me less than a week after me applying. Other took months before calling. One place called me about a position, in a different specialty than I applied for. Definitely follow up and show your continued interest.
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    Usually I've heard back, good or bad, within a week. Occasionally it took a couple of weeks but most of the time they were prompt to consider me or reject me.

    My record (outside of never hearing back at all from them), is hearing back over a year later: the LTC facility that I had applied to called me to ask if I was still interested in the job.
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    So you guys think its ok to follow up? I have been wondering about this, b/c it seems like most of the hospitals I've applied to specifically ask you NOT to call or follow-up!
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    Quote from ChineseLantern
    So you guys think its ok to follow up? I have been wondering about this, b/c it seems like most of the hospitals I've applied to specifically ask you NOT to call or follow-up!
    Unless I was specifically told NOT to follow-up (and to be honest, I've never had that happen in many years of job hunting both in and out of nursing), I would call/e-mail once...but once only. I think one attempt to follow-up is OK, but IMO to do it more than that would change your status from "possible candidate" to "pest."
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    I am also a new RN and the places that I followed up at all say that they will call me when they have a position that might fit me and/or that my info will be kept for one year... otherwise nothing...

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